February 17, 2014

 dear everyone,

so i have some  news for you. there is a house.. two doors up from me? and the mailbox says higginsbeachwebcam.com. and i know i have seen a camera on one of the houses that is by the beach. i dont know if it is that one. but. it might be. so hey, maybe you can check it out and tell me what it is all about! if it is the one i am thinking of, i will try to run by it during exercise time. i exercise from 6:30-7:00. so. that is like.. 4:30 for you! yikes. you can try to see me if you want, but noworries. lets be real, you forgot how to sleep anyway, bob :) i made a deal with my companion that will allow me to go out there more often. so look forward to that hopefully :) i will wave at you tomorrow morning!

ooh that is cool that fotis might be getting a new place. you are so cool bob!

yes i did get the small box! you know me so well. it is a perfect little salad box! thank you for being kind and everything about sending me stuff. it is so wonderful that you remember me and send me stuff but also great that you dont send me giant boxes of stuff i cant use and cant take with me. you are a genius! thank you thank you thank you!

i am so glad you talked to monica pardon. she is such an amazing woman. she is a super mom and a champion at dealing with challenges of life. she is also hilarious and just awesome! you will love her so much. i did tell her after she talked to you that i am leaving. she was so sweet and sad and yeah she cant take anything to me from you.

i am so glad the good ole peeps from  utah valley are still friends of sam. everyone has always loved him so much!

i am also sad to leave this area. it is sad and i think the part i hate the most is telling people. i just dont like saying goodbye and all that. i feel like i will never get used to it. guh. 

ooh. so this week we went to visit a less active member named monarae. she is so great. she had a serious rough patch a while back. she was pretty bitter towards a lot of things. then she got in an accident and she is now paralyzed from the chest down. we have been visiting her for a while. she is so fun. i really love her. this last time we found out that she wanted a massage on her upper back and shoulders. so i started. good googly boogly she was so stiff. SO STIFF! i couldnt even feel the bones in her back because she was so tight. but we helped a little. i literally had to put my elbow in her muscle and put all my weight on it for her to be satisfied. my goodness. it was insanity. wooowie! 

here is a better story;
so this last week the elders we are serving with took us to contact an investigator they want to give to us. there was a big snow mound we had to cross. i got up, i started down, my leg sank into the crunchy ice and snow, which got stuck, but the rest of me kept going. so i face planted in the snow. but my leg was stuck behind me. it was very uncomfortable, a little immodest and SO FUNNAY! man oh man :)

good stuff family and friends. good. stuff.

can i share something with you? this morning i was reading in the book of mormon. poor ole moroni is taking over writing in the book. he says in mormon 8:5 that he is alone, his dad got killed, he has no where to go and he also has no "friends". oh it is so sad. gosh. my heart always goes out to moroni. it would be so sad to be in his position. and for some reason those words no "friends" is just so sad. but it reminded me of a scripture in john. 15:14,15 christ says "ye are my friends... i have called you friends.." sigh. it is just so great to read those words from the savior. 

well i should probs be off. i love you all and i owe all of you big big hugs! i love you!

love, sister lani buxton :)

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