January 20, 2014


ok ok!

i am so very very happy to be staying here, too! i want to stay here for the rest of my life. (mission life) it is just so delightful and fun and great and all that stuff.

my new companion is named morgan keigley. she is excellent. i am so so thankful that i am her companion. we teach well together, we are both silly, we both love s caffall. it is just fun. we are having a good time together. and i am pretty sure i dreamed about her too! the first night we were comps, i dreamed about her explaining the book of mormon and she did an excellent job. it is so funny! hahahaha bob you are so great to give the boys the food that they like. they love you so much!

so we got here a little late, so i am going to print your email and read it after i go home. i hope you dont mind. i am sure you would be ok with me reading it later so that i can write more to you :)

this week really was great. last weekend i got the news that me and s beus were supposed to go to the portland chapel (our chapel) at 7:00 so that she could get a ride to transfer meeting and i could meet my new companion who i would be able to take right back to our apt and go to work. well. we get up at 6:30 and exercise. so i decided i would go in my exercise clothes because i did not want to wake up earlier to shower and stuff when i was coming right back to my place and i could do it then. so thats what i did. went to the church right out of bed with my frumpiness and that sort of stuff. well. we got there. we were the first ones. right on time. hm.... some missionaries showed up. the assistants showed up. not her ride. not my comp. more missionaries. more. it was like 2 hours before my new companion showed up! hahaha! the missionaries thought i was a member ride at first cuz i was not in missionary clothes. they all laughed when they realized "sister BUXTON!?... HAhahahhahha!" hah. it was pretty funny :) sigh.. but s keigley and i have gotten along quite well. the ward likes her, too which is lovely.

on wednesday we were teaching a recent convert english. we were teaching her how to go do the drug store or something. does anyone want to know what the translation of "prescription" into french is? its "ordonnance". wowie! this has opened my eyes so much to what an ordinance is. in the gospel, and ordinance is a prescription for sins! is that the most enlightening thing you have heard all week? it is for me! wow! i love it!

also "cat" in swahili is " paka". i am so naming my cat paka someday.

hey bob. did you ever think i had a stonge testimony of family history? cuz i didnt. i always knew it was important, but before my mission, i never had a big desire or testimony for it. well over the last while, it has been strengthened. and this last thursday, the zone elders asked me to do a presentation on family history for our zone. good thing that testimony has been growing, because that would have been tough if it hadnt. it went alright. i hope they liked it.

hey. did i tell you i went to buxton maine the other day? well i did.

oh my goodness oh my!! i forgot to say. so this transfer i am only over me, my comp and one other.... trio!! wow! i am over a trio. i hope they do well. one of the sisters is sister berg!! oh man!! when i went to zone meeting, i saw her coat hanging up. i didnt know i was over her at that point. so i dropped my stuff and ran down the hall to find her. i squeezed that sister so good! oh i love her! so i am over her, sister dixon and sister jackman. they are getting along well so far. i hope they keep the peace. i know the trio i was in was..... not lollipops and sparkles.. :)

well i best be off. i am always so jumbled. hope you dont mind. :)

i love you all :) i really do!

love, sister wanay buxton :)

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