January 27, 2014

hello all!

sigh.. what a week :)

hey the vacation sounds awesome!! helicoptering in canyons? visiting with lisa and matt? what more could you ask for? that is so cool!! great job on eating moldy cake! hahaha you... people :) i am glad you got a good grandma story before you left.

this week was a pretty good one. s keigley was sick so we didnt do as much as we usually would. thursday was so crazy though. we went to a lunch appointment and my poor companion just started bawling. she hadnt been telling me how she was feeling so i was pretty surprised. but they let her lay down and rest and sleep all day. meanwhile i had a very short time to figure out who was going to be with me all day because we had appointments until 8:30. so i scrambled and i did it! the lord was so good to me that day. i found someone to be with me all day. it was crazy, but very fun. i didnt have enough time to eat and it was also the day our gps broke, but with the lord, all things are possible right? :)  plus we got double fed last night, so it evened out :) 

this week we got to meet with idriss (our african golden investigator) a bunch. we are helping him prepare for baptism. really though, he is so prepared. he is an amazing man. he teaches us more than we teach him. we taught him about tithing this week. he already knew about it and was totally willing and ready to live it. when i committed him to live it he explained that he doesnt have an income right now, so he would like to give back in some other way like cleaning the church. he wants to help so bad! man he is just awesome. his interview was on saturday. he lives 3 or 4 miles away from the church. his ride forgot to pick him up. i called him and told him we would find him a different ride. he suggested he could just walk. i refused! he doesnt have boots and it was dark and well below freezing. hahaha that silly man. but he is SO excited for baptism. he passed his interview of course. he is just so excited for it. on sunday he was telling me all about the book of mormon and what he has been reading. he said he was reading in 1 nephi when nephi sees his fathers dream and the angel is telling him about the meaning of the dream and helping him and all that. he said that it reminded him of us. he told me that he feels like nephi and like i am the angel helping him. oh my goodness i cant tell you how lovely that was to hear. he is so great. he is getting baptized this saturday at 10:00 :)

ok so i wont say where i heard this, but someone told me the other day that paul says in the bible that the letter of the law killeth and that the spirit of the law maketh alive. therefore, we dont need to worry so much about the letter of the law. i found the scripture. its 2 corinthians 3:6. i studied it and all. i understand it differently than that person was explaining. but i want to know from the wise ones. mom? dad? will you help me out here?

man. i love being a missionary. i feel like my letters are getting shorter. sorry. i will try to make up for it later or something. i love you all!!

love, sister buxton

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