February 3, 2014

dear everyone,

thank you for the email. it sounds like there is a lot going on around there. bonnie is so funny! that woman!! hahahaha

oh what a week! we taught idriss as much as we could this week. we went over the night before his baptism to boost him and see how he was. he was sooooo excited! he couldnt stop talking. he just was so happy. talking about his studies and how he likens the scriptures to his life. he is so great. then aziza (a recent convert) made dinner for us and he taught us how to eat african food. it was lovely. the baptism was amazing. i think i will cry every time i fully re-live it. it was just so good.

did i tell you i am stl over s berg? my first daughter! so i went on exchange with her this week. she is amazing. i really love her. she taught me so much and even sent me back to my area with a reading assignment. she is wonderful. i really loved spending a day with her. i want to do that again. she is in a trio right now and both of her companions are great as well. i really just love those sisters.

there is an elder in my district named elder pruett. he is funny. he reminds me so much of scott. i will give you an example. yesterday s keigley and i were waiting for someone to come to church. we were sitting by the doors of the church. he comes over and looks out the window. there were some horses with little jackets on to keep them warm. he said "oh look, the horses are wearing clothes!     silly horses..     oh look that one has a pink jacket.   .. thats how you know she's a girl." i looked at him and he was just standing there with this big smirk on his face. hahahaha gee whiz he is always saying and doing things like that. the other day he said to me "sister buxton what did you DO?!" haha it was just like scott. hahahaha it is just so funny.

hey mom, happy birthday! are you excited? yay! woop woop! root root!

oh hey. so the mail man has been very kind to me. but i must say, i must have given you the wrong address before. it is 15 a pearl street scarborough, me. 04074 
sorry i gave the wrong one before. but i think i still got all the mail you sent me. thank you so much!

ive gotta go but know that i still love you and i still love being a missionary. the lords work is so good and so sweet. i love it!

love, sister lani buxton

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