February 10, 2014

allla ya,

so. i am wearing a leotard.

bob! i am so happy you love the beach box. i loved it and i am so happy you do too :) you are so welcome! i hope your burfdurf was great :) happy happy birthday :)

bob you are so fancy with your iphone and your ipad! hahha you silly woman. i am so glad you have them. they seem super nifty. 

so my mission president just emailed me. he told me i am going to be transferred in a couple of weeks. i am so sad :( i honestly just really really really dont want to leave. he said i am going to stay stl also. sigh. it will be good though. i will have an stl companion. that will be nice. i really just dont want to leave this area. its ok though. i trust him.

oh the story of bonnie is so sad and sweet and silly and i am so glad she has you. you save so many days bob. gee whiz. you are a super hero.

idriss really is such a champ. he is amazing. i cant even explain him or give him justice. the africans are very much not vegetarian! hahaha :) there was no pumpkin in the dishes they have given us. it was good stuff though. they know how to eat. they dont make me eat meat but they think i am crazy for not eating it.

what you said about being at the lake and feeling gods love was so great. i definitely feel the same way. i feel so close to god when i am outside. i love nature and the weather and everything else. last week in church we were actually talking about that stuff. an elder in my district said something really interesting. he brought up the scripture "by their fruits ye shall know them" and that the earth is literally the fruits from god. so by his fruit we shall know him. by being in nature, we can get to know god. hm. no wonder i love nature so much. :)

this week was a good one. i felt like a missionary. like a good one. it was just one of those random weeks where a lot is going on. i slept at the mission home on monday night. went to mlc on tuesday. i did a training at zone conference on thursday. gave a talk on sunday. man. i hope i get over my fear of public speaking soon. it has been so scary for me.

zone conference was so good. have you ever heard of the fourth missionary? it is so inspiring amazing wonderful mission changing. i love it!! zone conference was focused on that. also at zone conference i got to see s berg, s cloward, s mayle!! also i got to see s bickel who is a sister i used to be over. i really love her. i also got to see ken!!! s cloward and i found him tracting and he got baptized a couple months later! wow wow wow it was good! man. i wish you knew these people! they are just so grand.

but it has also been a good week. we are doing lots of good things. we love being missionaries and we love the lord.

thank you for everything sorry i must be on my way. i love you! thank you!

love, WANAY!! sister buxton 

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