December 23, 2013

ok more stuff.
hahahaha thank you for all the silly updates. paige had better not get married before i get home!! gah!

we get to skype!! i think i will be calling or perhaps you need to call me (i dont know this stuff) at 6:45-7:00 eastern time. that is when i am planning to call or whatever. i hope that works. i really do.

ok. this week has been so good! so good!
i will start with a lovely story from wednesday. there is a woman from africa that was baptized a short time ago. she speaks some english but she really wants to get better. so we teach her on a weekly basis. when we went over this week, there was a man at her apt that i had never seen. initially i didnt think much of it because everyone is new to me because i am new in the area. plus the africans have lots of friends and it is hard for me to keep track of who is who and all that. he asked me what my name was and what organization i am from and if it is a good organization. turns out he went from africa to ny 4 months ago and he just got to maine the day before! he knows the people we were visiting through mutual friends. they are letting him stay with them until he gets things figured out. s beus started teaching english and i sat with the new friend. he told me that he had a rough past and he used to be a not so great man. but one day he woke up and knew that what he was doing was wrong, that he needed to change, and so he did. it was like an alma the younger story. he kept saying things like 'i am not a good man, only god is good' and 'god has chosen me do be like this' all these great things. he started telling me all these great things about the nature of god and prophets and how god works the same yesterday today and forever. i taught him the restoration. i told him that god came to joseph smith just like he had done with other prophets. i had barely brought it up and showed him the picture in the resto pamphlet when he snatched it out of my hands, held it up in the air and showed the other people in the room. he started telling THEM that god works the same always just like with "this man" (joseph smith). it was so cool! he just ate it all up! he loved the message of the restoration. he committed to reading the bom, praying to know, and coming to church. and sure enough, he came with our recent converts to church on sunday. he even had a brand new hard cover journal with him and he took notes all though church. it was amazing to see. i am so excited for that man. such good things are going to happen. ah!

one more good story. the other day our appointment with someone fell through and our back-up plans didnt work. then, by a stoke of inspiration on s beus' part, we stopped by a warm member who we didnt know and didnt know anything about. when we knocked on the door, he was happy to see us. he was also shocked. he said he really wants to come back to church! he grew up in wyoming. missionaries found his family when he was 8. he stayed active for most his life, but hasnt been active for the last few years, even though he really loves the values of the church. he has a girlfriend and wants to get her involved in the church. he is so stoked to come back to church, he said he wants to attend before the new year comes. he was so shocked to see us! ah! so good!

ok. i have WICKED GOOD story for you on christmas! you will love it.

man. the more i study the gospel and live the gospel, the more i know it is true. its not only true, it is so worth it! its so real and so good. its also unexplainable. like in helaman 5:44. so good!!

i love you family and i cant wait to talk to you. thank you for your love and the good things you send to me electronically, usps-ly, and energy of the universe-ly :) i love you! talk to you soon!
love, sister wanay buxton

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