January 13, 2014

ahoy a hoy!

bob i am happy to hear about everything. you are just so cool! its so cool that you work right though a sickness. thats probs where i get my stubborn side. eh eh eh :) whos wedding are you doing?
hahahahah oh man! the stories of my nephews are just so funny and cute :) thank you

ok i forgot to tell you. you might possible know already. sky son sent me a box!! isnt that precious?! a box of candy and chocolate (the good kind) and a glass laser art thing of jesus and a hawaiian necklace thing. oh it is just so adorable. and the note he wrote was so sweet and asian! i just love it!

so i found out that i am staying!! woohooo! i am very happy about it! s beus is ver sad to leave. indeed she is. sigh. but once she loves her new area, she will be fine. i really did want another transfer with her, but its ok. i actually know who my new companion is going to be! isnt that strange? i have never known before the meeting. her name is sister keigley. i think that is how you spell her name. i am ver happy to be her companion. a few months ago there was a sister that really warped my view of s keigley. i didnt like it and i have been really wanting to get my own opinion about her. she seems sweet to me! but i dont even know her. so i am very happy for this chance. i am looking forward to it.

man oh man. this week was mission leadership council. president delivered some great news to us. he said that in the next 2 transfers, all stls will have an stl companion!!!! aaahhhh! it is so exciting! he also said that he doesnt want us to "die" as stls!! wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its just so good! i am pretty sure s keigley is not going to be an stl, so i still dont have an stl companion, and then i will get released (probs) next transfer or the transfer after that. so if i ever do have one, it will most likely only be for one transfer. but hey, that is ok. i am happy that future stls dont have to do it alone. its definitely the most difficult part for me. alright enough of this boring stuff.

this week was so good :) have i ever told you that lots of people use wood stoves to heat their houses? ahhhhh :) so basically every day it smells like camp fire and the beach. what a dream. and my hair always smells smokey. like i have been camping.

oh! so when i was going to the mlc, some missionaries picked me up monday night and they wanted to eat. so we went to the mall. i wasnt hungry, so i went to buy a lovely peach lemonade. as i was buying it from this cute girl, a guy that worked there asked me where our church was, because he really wants to find a church! what time is it at? where is it? man oh man! so i told him and i gave him a book of mormon. he took it and said "oh hey, my mom used to read this!" he said he would call us. i really hope he does! it is so exciting :)

so our african investigator is great. this week he told us how he decided to be baptized. he said he had a dream that he was trying to cross a busy street. he was struggling to get across for a while and wasnt having any luck. then he heard some voices calling his name. he looked around. it was coming from a taxi. he went over to it. it was me and s beus inside the car calling his name. we asked him to get in so that we could help him cross the street. so he decided to and he got across safely! when he woke up, he knew it was an answer to his prayer! this week i told him that god has a body. he was so enlightened and happy about that! he just kept on thanking me and thanking me for teaching him. so sweet!

this week a youth group from a unitarian universalist church came to our church! some brought their parents and their leaders were there, too. a man from the mission presidency, president hawkes, had given us a heads up about this, so we got the ward to help us out by writing their testimonies in copies of the bom for us to give them. they were so sweet and wonderful! some of them stayed for the whole 3 hours. pres hawkes asked s beus and i to be with them and to help out with a question and answer session that they requested. he asked me to talk about joseph smith. it was such a joy to do that and oh! i was just so happy! they had so many sincere questions. it was a total blast. we gave each of them a bom and a mormon.org card with our phone number on it and a for the strength of youth book. that group is great. they are searching for truth and they have so many great values. i hope they find what they are looking for in the church of jesus christ. sigh. :)

well family. i best be off. i hope you know i love you and i love the gospel. its amazing that through christ we can become so wonderful, but still be unique and individual. god wants us to magnify the good things about us and recognize that he can help us magnify those things! i love you!!

love, sister lani buxton!

its WANAY!

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