January 6, 2014

bob!! oh yeah, and the rest a yas,

yes it is a bit chilly here these days. this week we had a nice storm that grounded us. we had a drift in our driveway that we had to shovel. part of it was about 5 feet high. luckily that wasnt the part we had to shovel. the highest part was like up to our hips. it was a fun time. it was quite chilly on a couple of the days. i dont actually know what the temperature was, but it was bone chilling!!!!!!! ah! and there was wind!! at one point, i took my hand out of my glove to take a picture and my hand instantly went completely freezing! i put it back in my glove, but until we got in the house, it didnt make a difference at all. oh man it was cold! but it was also quite fun. i love it! my boots and my coat are doing me wonders. i really love them and they treat me well.

hahahah bob!!! your story about the APF is so funny! you rib tickler!! hahahahah i love it even though it is a frustrating story.
hahaha oh bob you really are so funny. you always get me and the other missionaries laughing. i am glad you are cooking at telos. those boys love you and i am sure it is a fun time for you.

yes i hope i stay this transfer. i really do. i hope i get to be with s beus for another transfer. i really like her. we like each other. we get along really well.

i do love being here. i love the ward. i love the people. i love the location.

i am sure you would like an update on our lovely african golden investigator. this week when we taught him, s beus invited him to be baptized. he told us that he is not sure because he does not want to do it for us. he wants to do it for god. he has already been baptized before. he told us that it is easy to serve god, but it is harder to figure out exactly where god wants you to be serving, and that he needs to figure that out before he makes a commitment.  we supported him %100 on that one! of course! so the next day, 9:30 he called us and told us that he would like to be baptized! wowie!! it is just so exciting for us! oh he is just so great! he came to church on sunday and he contributed and everything.

so this week we have been teaching repentance because of the jew years. eh hem i mean new years.. and. well. it was wonderful. we have been using helaman 13:6,7. the glad tidings are that because of christ, we can repent! it is so cool that new years is right after christmas. because christ was born, we can return to god. christ made it possible for us to gain exaltation. he made it possible for us to receive forgiveness for anything we are willing to repent of. how appropriate that the next week we celebrate and decide how we are going to change so that we can be worthy of forgiveness and so that we can become more fit for the kingdom of heaven! i just love it! so in the bible dictionary it says that repentance is forming a "fresh view about god, about oneself, and about the world" when we understand god better, when we understand ourselves, when we learn to love ourselves, when we see ourselves the way christ does, we are repenting. yesterday i was able to teach a 12 year old girl (she was a member, dont get too excited) that reading her scriptures, which she does faithfully, is a form of repentance. she told me that when she reads, she always sees something in life that parallels to the scriptures she read. she said it helps her understand the world. i helped her see that that is forming a fresh view of the world, which is what the bible dictionary says repentance is. she thought that was pretty great. i think i thought it was even greater. i got to teach her! it was a lovely time. i love the ward!

thank you so much family! your pictures are all around the mirror i use to get ready. i love all of you! thank you thank you thank you!! i love your faces, your words, and the prayers you say for me. thank you!! i love you!!

love, aunt sister wanay buxton!

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