December 30, 2013

dear jew,

how are jew?
eh eh :)
yes yes skyping really was a joy. i did have fun and i love all of you! it was a blast! everyone looked good and cute and handsome and pretty and all that. thank you so much for gathering the mass of family so that i could see and talk to you. thank you thank you thank you!! i love you!

o the kitties. i have not heard of thai until now. what a silly story. this isnt mayonnaise is it? i am guessing not. crazy lunk. does she know we saved her from a ferocious fiendish wild life? gee whizz! hahaha oh bob you are so loving to all creatures. i laughed though the whole paragraph about the cats. you are so funny!

i am so happy to hear about cousin walker coming home from the philippines. i feel like i have never really known him, so i am excited to re-meet him someday. he sounds great :)

hahahah oh you snikkety tippety mother of mine with the theater tickets and the bonus beverage at every performance. you silly woman! you crack me so!

that poop was from elder jessee.. haha

i am so happy to hear about the wedding. i am glad that boy got married. bob, you are just such a wonderful woman always giving and caring and doing and lifting. thank you!

thank you for thinking of me so much. i love being loved by all of you.
the gifts you sent me are so wonderful. i am SO HAPPY to have one of those blasted dog toothbrushes! they are the best source of scrubbing teeth. i love it! the tights are perfect and SO cool! the sweater is top notch! i feel like i am totally fab now.  the skirt i really like a lot. it is a little short for the mission though, so i am not totally sure what to do about it because i like it.
the hats are great! s beus wears her hat nearly daily. you are so talented bob! thank you so much! thank you thank you! all the gifts are wonderful. the scarfs erin made are really cool, too!

well i have had a marvelous week. christmas really was wonderful. the members are good to us and we are happy and working hard. the africans dont all speak english. we teach some of them english and sometimes we have someone translate for us. i dont know how they get here. they all so wonderful though.

so i have a wonderful story for you. so erry once in a while missionaries get a referral from media headquarters. it is exciting when we get one, but there is always a chance that it is a prank. so we got one recently. we called and sure enough, the person wanted an appointment! so we set it up. we had to meet in the library because he lives in a group home and we couldnt meet there because of confidential issues or something. he is a wonderful man! he is probs in his late teens. he told us that his grandparents are members, his parents arent. it sounded like his family is perhaps a little broken. good thing the gospel fixes broken things. his dad doesnt approve of the church. he said he decided to seek out and study for himself. he was so kind and so sincere. he looked me right in the eyes when i talked to him. he listened to everything. he wanted to have a book of mormon. he wanted to read. he wanted to pray. he wanted to know!! at the end of the appointment, he prayed!! right in front of us! it was so wonderful!! then he said he had one more question before we left. he asked if we could meet up again sometime! what!! ah! it was just such an excellent time. ah! i am just so happy! so happy for him! he even said we could call him brother :)

i love you and thank you so much! i am a very very happy missionary!

love, sister lani buxton

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