February 24, 2014

that thing was you!

yes i am going to yarmouth maine!! it is the next area north from me!! i will still be the stl over portland! and augusta! my old area! oh it is so exciting! so my new adderss is 5 farwell ave apt 2 cumberland, me 04021
so good!! my companion is going to be sister davis. i truly love that sister. she came out one transfer after me. she is an amazing sister. i am so excited to be with her. before stl's existed, we went on exchanges together. we were our first exchange!! haha can you believe that? it was over a year ago. so cool :)

so the beach thing. the orange sweater guy. can you believe he just came up to us and talked to us? we talked about god and the beauty of the earth. he just got back from serving in the forces. he got home like 2 days prior and he had been gone for 3 years. he was so amazing. we are going to be meeting with him. but he is actually in the elders area so really, they will be meeting with him. he is just so great though. i am so glad we met him. but yes we are safe. no one hurts us or scares us. i fear no man!!

oh i feel so happy and fuzzy about the krystal taylor thing. i dont even remember saying that. how sweet of her!! gosh :)
oh. my GOODNESS!! bob i laughed for 5 minutes and cried when i read the dig to china thing!! hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha bob!!!!!
oh bob i love you.

ok i must tell you about this last thursday. it was like... the epitome of a missionary day. ok. so we got up, did our usual thing- exercise, (were we on the beach that day? i hope so.) eat, shower, get ready, study, leave to go to teach english. on our way, the bridge that we were about to drive over decides to let some boats go by, so the draw bridge draws, and we are stuck. we sit for a minute, play rock-paper-scissors with the couple that are in the car behind us, and then realize that the elders are in the car in front of us! so they call us, we talk for a minute, play some rock-paper-scissors with them, and then we realize that we have a car inspection due, and our district leader is one of the elders in front of us. what better time to have your district leader inspect your car than when you are stuck on a bridge with him? so he did. the people behind us asked what we were doing. we told them. they thought we were funny, so they blasted some music for us to dance to. it was funny :)

then we taught english and that was a blast all by itself. then we went to an appointment, but the woman forgot she made the appointment, so we just stayed for a couple minutes before she had to leave. then we visited this wonderful sister who is paralyzed. we didnt have an appointment, but she had no where and no way to leave, so we read with her and had a blast. oh. she is the one that likes the crazy massages. we massaged her shoulders, too. all of our other plans fell through quickly and so did our backups. we were running out of ideas fast. but i felt really good. there was one point when i was waiting for my companion to get in the car. i was looking at my planner and i had a very clear thought that it was a good thing that our plans and backups were falling through, because someone needed us and we were going to find them. we tried a few more people, to no avail. eventually, we ended up visiting a less active named tim back too. haha just kidding its just tim bach :) he was so happy to see us. we have only ever had brief visits with him, no longer than a few minutes. he has told us in the past that he really wants his girlfriend to find interest in the church and that he is trying hard to help her come to the gospel. this time when we gave him a surprise visit, he invited us in! we sat down, talked with him and his girlfriend and had an amazing conversation about gods love. we all shared how we have seen his love in our lives, and at the end, we all committed to show our love to god in a specific way. the spirit spoke to each of us and told us how we needed to show our love. we shared our thoughts with each other and made a pact together that we would work on what the spirit told us to work on. they told us they want to come to church. they said that they were having a terrible day and that it had been a long time since they had felt as peaceful as they did that night. brother bach told us he knew we were coming. he could feel it and he was looking forward to it. he is so great.

then we went and knitted with a sweet old woman in the ward. she is so cute! after that, we went home, had an 8:00 dinner, planned and went to bed. what a lovely day :) oh i love it so much!

also. sam. listen up. brother bach is looking for a job and i told him about the job you used to have. i told them they are always hiring and that sort of stuff. he really wants you to email him to let him know what is up. this guy is awesome! he is... 26 and he is just so cool. he is expecting you, so please email him :)timbach14@gmail.com :):):)

well i gotta go :) i love you! thank you endlessly for your endless love!! thank you thank you thank you!! i love you!!!

love, sister lani buxton :)

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