March 3, 2014

happy birthday scott!
man the whole bonnie thing sounds so frustrating. good thing she is so fun, funny and wonderful.
 mom you always go the extra mile or ten. thats how i describe you to people.
scott's birthday sounds fun :) i am glad he understood the box i sent him. i knew he would like it and think it was cool.

i am so glad you spent some time with monica and sadie. i love those people so much. me and sadie both have nightmare before christmas at the top of our favorite movie list. we both love creepy things and we just have so much fun together. she licked me a few times and chewed on my back. monica is so wonderful. i love her and i knew you would too. she probs told you she is moving to utah in august. i am happy about that :)

no you didnt tell me my bum is going to arizona!! wowie!!!! that is great :) and the perfect time of year to go, too! 

sister keigley is from utah. yeah her family lives like 20 minutes away from you. crazy huh? not really. haha :) my new companion is from Tallahassee florida. her name is sister davis. she went to ucf. oh my. she is so great. she came out one transfer after me. i got to pick her up from the mission home on her first day in the field so that she could spend the night at my apt with me and s caffall. we have so much fun together. she thinks i am so funny, so it is great for me. i hope it doesnt feed my pride too much. haha :) she is so lovely. she loves music and art and she is really smart. it is so fun to be her companion. the only downfall is that she hates utah.. anyway, we are over the augusta north and augusta south zones, which make up the augusta  stake. i am over s keigley (which means portland!!!!!) and s berg and a bunch of other sisters that i have worked with before and all that good stuff. i am just so happy. it is an amazing place for me to be. i am also over augusta!!! remember?? i served there!! i am so excited!! this is going to be such a splendid transfer.

the ward i am in is so fun. actually it is a branch! i have never served in a branch before. it is good. i like it so far. its not tiny or anything. the people here are so loving and sweet and welcoming. it is amazing to see. right now we are trying to get every active family committed to do their own family mission plan! we want to have them all committed before march is over. it will be so good. so i have been on exchanges with yarmouth a few times because i used to be stl over yarmouth. so i already met some of the people that live here. it is so much fun. this week we went to visit an investigator named julia. i remembered her but i wasnt sure if she would remember me or not. right when she opened the door she put her hands in the air and started cheering! hahaha she was so happy to see me and i was very happy to see her as well. all these people are just so easy to love!

she asked us if we would help her out with some snow removal. it hasnt snowed in over a week, but thats all ok! her 10 yeah old daughter came out and dressed me up in her pink snow stuff. she could NOT stop laughing!! she thought it was the funniest thing to see me in pink and that her stuff fit me. hahahahhaha it was great :) she called me pinkalicious. julia gave us an ice smasher thing and a snow shovel and took us to her back deck. there we saw our project. her whole deck was covered in snow. it was as tall as me. and it was solid ice. haha. we both climbed up it. we didnt sink in at all. just stood right on top. i smashed the ice the best i could and s davis tried to shovel it out of the way. she said she felt like a retarded plow truck. hahaha. pinkalicious and the retarded plow truck. hahahaha so funny! hoohoohoo hehe heh heh oh it was good. then we stacked wood for her. after we were done with that, her daughter invited us into her room and she read a book to us. it was called....   pinkalicious! its aaaallll coming together now. it was a good book.

we shared with her a scripture about being a child of god. we got to teach her how to pray! her mom gave her testimony of prayer. man that girl is so teachable. i got to help her say her first ever prayer. gosh. i could do that all day. prayer is so excellent. god is so reachable. i am so thankful that of all free things, a relationship with him is one. oh! that reminds me. i watched the coolest video this week. its at its called origin. oh man i love it! please go watch it! i gave me goose flesh. mmm! 
thank you for the love, i could never get tired of hearing from you and reading what is going on back home. i love all of you!

love, sister lani buxton :):):):):)

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