March 10, 2014

hello all of you :)

i am so glad you loved the pinkalicious story! such a good time.
oh bob i love the story of the court of honor. it got me all teary. i love the story so much though. thank you thank you thank you for telling me :):) i love that boy.

the package came this week!!! i love it so much! it all made me smile and i am so happy to have this stuff from you. the rhuberry is perfect as usual. the salad fixins are prime and the letter was perfect! thank you thank you! i couldnt stop talking about it i just love it so much. yesterday as i sat in sacrament meeting, i got a strong impression to share the story about your interaction with the missionaries at the ward party with missionaries here so that they could really understand that we have to be kind and that member trust is crucial. i am going to find a way to share it!! i am going to two zone interviews this week so possibly i could do it then. i dont know for sure.

i am sad about bonnie. that poor old woman. i love her! so great.
as you should expect... this week has been top notch. s keigley told me that kim wants to be baptized! kim is the girlfriend of the member that was interested in sam telling him about computron. man. this stl business is crazy. i spent last monday doing pday stuff and then traveling to bedford, nh. tuesday at the meeting and then traveling home. wednesday i went to district meeting and then went to topsham for an exchange that lasted until the next night (thursday) friday we had to stay indoors and plan and study for 5 hours!! ahhhhh! then i finally got to be in my own area and do some work. it is great though. i am so busy!! busy is the best thing for a missionary to experience though. truly it is a blessing. not even a blessing in disguise. just straight up blessing.

i must tell you about yesterday. me and s davis and a girl from the branch (did i tell you i am in a branch? its my first) sang in sacrament meeting. it was terrifying. and we practiced for less than 5 minutes before the meeting. ah! who am i?? what am i doing???? ooohhhhhhhhh.....

last night we were invited over to do an fhe with a family from the branch. they are so great and so much fun. it was just the parents and 2 of their teenage kids and their white lab named sam.. hahhaa :) aside from the fact they live on the water, it reminded me of home. we played book of mormon charades. it was a blast! so funny! at the end, we all shared a hero we have/someone we would like to be like from the book of mormon. the spirit was so strong and i think we could all feel that we were in the mortal side of god's army. it was so wonderful!

well i had best be off. thank you all for being the best family ever! i love you!!

love, sister buxton :)):)

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