March 24, 2014

good morning... i'm here!

thank you as always for letters, emails, pictures, prayers and love :) thank you thank you!

the story of matt and his family is sad. i hope they are doing alright. i am so thankful their testimonies are strong so that they can deal with this and deal with it together. there is a woman in our ward and her dad just passed. she is a member but her family isnt. she wants them to have the assurance that comes with the gospel. she wants them to understand, but its in the process. she is amazing.

this week was a really good one. i got to spend a day in portland!! i got to see so many people i love. i got to spend a day with s berg as well! man. sounds like a vacation. hahaha :) but we worked hard and we did many good things. last night we got to teach our wonderful investigator and her daughter. they are so precious. we taught them at their friends house (who are awesome members of the ward). we got to teach them a magic trick, which, of course, we related to the gospel. we had so much fun and hopefully they learned things about jesus.

the member family is just so great. all of them are excellent. their younger girls (9 and.. 6?) are so crazy. they were yankin me around and tooting on me "mom!!! bella's bum is chasing sister buxton!" hahahhahahaha and at the end, the 9 year old came up with a plan for me to be her babysitter after my mission. but until then,!!! .. she has decided that i cant leave the area. (i havent told any of them when i am going home) :) haha she is hilarious. she is always playing tricks on me. its fun :)

i recently started the book of mormon over. remember the challenge grandpa gave me to read the book of mormon and mark every time christ was mentioned or that he spoke? well i am doing something similar. i got a clean (no markings/highlights) and i am marking everything that has to do with our hearts: soul, being filled with the spirit, heart, center, etc.. hope that makes sense. but it is so great. it is really opening my eyes that the gospel really does involve our hearts. just from doing this study, i can see so clearly that when we give our heart to the lord, we find peace, we find answers, we feel calm. but when we have a hard heart, blessings are withheld, opportunities are passed up, and ultimately, we dont allow the lord in, so he cant help us, so we lose. i really hope i can give my heart to the lord. as with anyone, it is my own disbelief and my own stubbornness that keeps me from the blessings of heaven. if i can just surrender my will and my thoughts and my doubts, the lord really will be my shephard and i really will be able to do or witness "many mighty miracles"! i love that the lord doesnt want us to fail. he wants to help us and he wants to see us happy. we are that we might have joy right?

just to let you know, i made the best veg  fajitas the other day. i am so cooking for you some day. oh! and i made sweet and sour veg for the first time! it turned out alright! of course it wasnt mom's, but it was still good.

well. i love you and all that good stuff! 

love, sister wani buxton

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