March 31, 2014

ahhh... :) how is everyone? i hope all is well in the hood.

i am glad sam ended it with the girl. i know i dont really know what is going on and what has been going on, but i just want him to be free. it is so interesting that words can have such an affect on people. it is so important with anything to focus on how it makes you feel. we all have the light of christ in us. if we have a bad, confused, angry or negative feeling, it is either from the devil, or we dont understand it. even if things make sense, if it gives us a bad feeling, we need to not just take it. that goes for  information, relationships, situations, anything really. we just have to be careful and only let in what motivates us and helps us to be better.

things are going pretty well over here.

this week was a crazy one. in a good way, ya know? on monday right when pday was over, i spent the rest of the evening traveling so that we could go on exchanges. then more traveling the next night. wednesday night we traveled again to go on exchanges with..... AUGUSTA!! oh it was such a delight, i cant even tell you. i got to see wonderful people, i got to sleep in my old bed, it was all just great stuff. thursday night we traveled to bethel, maine and slept there with some sisters. the next day one of the sisters and i traveled to cumberland. saturday morning.. more traveling so that i could get my companion back!! sigh... it was a crazy crazy week. it was fun though. we enjoyed it and hopefully the sisters involved enjoyed it too. they are all pretty much lovable and great.

something really cool happened this week. we have been working slowly with a less active man. bro c. also we have picked up a family that is investigating. the v fam. we had an appointment to see the v fam. so we went. they were just about to eat, so we said we would be back in an hour. during that hour, we visited bro c. he taught us how to play the ukelele. we mosly talked about music, i sang with him as he played and sang a beatles song. (dont tell the mission president!) haha :) he briefly talked about how he used to go out with the missionaries when he was younger and that it was fun. he very quietly mentioned that he wants to come back to church. then he quickly moved on to other topics, as to say he didnt want to talk about it. we respected that. after we visited with him, we went back to the v fam. they asked what we did for an hour. we told them we learned how to play the uke. the dad started shooting lots of questions. told him it was his neighbor down the street, that he is awesome, in a band and he is a member. "so he goes to your church?" "no, not right now, but he doesnt mind the church." "well maybe he just needs a ride! we can carpool!" we-he-heh-elll! dont mind if i do! so we talked about that stuff. oh, the v fam are all rockers. they have guages and piercings and the grandma (who we have not met) and the dad and the son all play the drums. i think they are afraid of not fitting in, but they still want it, its just unknown and a little scary. but i agreed to get bro c over there and they can jam, we can pray and everything will be lovely. and i really hope they carpool!! that would be the coolest thing!!

i am just so happy about everything that is going on over here. missionary work is just so great. called to know the richness of his blessings. so. true.

well. i love you all! have a happy week!

love, sister aunt wanay buxton!!

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