April 7, 2014

my main peeps,
(not maine peeps)

hi :) tis, tis indeed transfer week. i am glad to say that i will be staying in yarmouth for this next transfer :)

speaking of yarmouth. the other day  i was at a missionary meeting. during lunch, while i was eating carrots, a fellow missionary asked me "how's yarmouth?" i replied "its good. full of carrots." he didnt get it. he didnt even realize i was making a joke. i asked s davis about it later and she didnt get it until i explained it. man. i thought it was more obvious than that. i hope YOU get it. my fellow funny family. oh. but dont get me wrong. s davis is hilarious! she is so fun and funny and she also thinks i am funny, which.. could be a bad thing but it sure keeps us sane and happy :)

i got the box! thank you thank you. you always send the perfect thing. the perfect amount and the perfect missionary pick me up :) i love it. thank you. and s davis does, too :) oh. get this. her dad's name is david! its funny. and then you realize his name is david davis. then its even funnier! i always tell my companions that the boxes you send are for both of us, but i dont know if they really believe it, ya know?

hahaha! sadie!!!! that family is just so funny. unfortunately, i got some bad news. they are not moving to utah anymore. they are moving in quite a different direction. the reason being monika has a crazy x and he found out she was moving to utah and was making it.. unpleasant/unsafe for her. so sad. :(

i truly loved conference. oh my goodness it really is like christmas for missionaries. and hey, it really was jesus' birthday! how appropriate. we had to watch it at the church. it is a mission rule for us. but i brought a blanket and i was happy and comfortable. it is nice to watch conference  without a care or distraction in the world.

sorry about the milk. i am so relieved the letters and all that made it safe. i hope nothing else broke or anything. the things in the box are really special to me. i will have to explain stuff later. thank you for taking care of it. i hope the shirt isnt stained.

i do want to hike the places you are planning! count me in!

it really is going well over here. i am enjoying every day. i am realizing that i have refined my dog whispering skills as a missionary. you see, most people have pets. it is really great. but it is sometimes crucial that the dogs behave themselves so that the spirit is not interrupted by barks, gags, sniffed bums and begs for attention. i was able to demonstrate my whisperings very well recently. we were knocking on a door and there was a big, ferocious dog tied to a chain that was barking, yanking on the chain and his hackles were up. he was a good guard dog. i barked back at him of course and we talked for a while. after a few minutes of this, followed with some ignoring on my part, i turned to the still barking dog and asked him if he wanted to be friends. he immediately stopped barking. i asked him again. he wagged his tail. i started to walk towards him. he layed down on the ground- still not a peep! i approached him, he stiffed my hand, and we became instant friends. it was a joy. what a good dog.

back to the business of salvation as it relates to people. we are teaching a man who has been investigating for years. he says he knows the church is true, he is just taking his time. he is basically a member. he has his own scriptures with the tabs and all. he comes to church on his own accord every week. he has a calling. he is really great. it is a blessing to know him. this week we had a wonderful meeting. we talked about how he wants to quit smoking but that it is very difficult for him to stop, especially with the time he has on his hands, as he is on disability right now. he told us about some things he wants to start doing more so that he can occupy his hands and such. i kept on thinking about crocheting and how that kept be from being bored and getting into trouble, and i also accomplished something, but i kept pushing it out of my mind. c'mon sister buxton, this is a full grown man! we need to get... a chainsaw in his hands! but i decided to just ask if he has ever considered it. he smiled real big and said "yeah!! i have actually been thinking about that! but i dont know how to do it." so. we will be teaching him. :)

so good. never delay a prompting. even if you dont know its a prompting.

we talked about ways heavenly father answers prayers. he shared some really great experiences. i am so thankful that he trusts us. we talked about how general conference is a great time to receive answers. its so true. i mean, these are the lords servants. they would just be wasting our time if they werent speaking for him. so this weekend i went to conference with a prayerful question in mind. wouldnt you know it was answered. i hope your prayers have been answered this weekend. i love conference so much. it is just unfathomable how much we have to be thankful for.

thank you for all you do for me. i love you all so much! i hope you know that!
love, sister lani buxton :)

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