March 17, 2014

that thing was YOU!

happy saint patties!! 
yes i notice and care about saint patties. i am wearing the green scarf erin made for me :) today i told me companion "happy saint p day". get it? cuz its our p day? and its saint p-atties day?

i am so happy to hear sam is having so much fun. that truly sounds like a blast :):)

the play you went to sounds really great. and that should mean a lot coming from me considering i really really dont like huck finn. you and the moonshine.. hahahaha :)
i will go to wicked if you want me to. i am sure i wont hate it. but the pop u U lar was indeed... in mocking. :) but let me tell you bob, its not like i have been impressed daily by media and dancing and all that jazz. i know this is not really an answer. i will go if you want me to. :)

well. in all honesty, i was rather stressed this week. i was still happy. i was just very nervous. have i always been terrified of public speaking? i feel like i wasnt always scared of it. i sure am now. my goodness. i am so thankful to have an stl companion. especially s davis. she is so great to me. she lets me know every day that she loves me. she is so supportive and patient and smart and she really helps with the load. anyway, the reason i was stressed is because we had to do 4 trainings (in front of groups of missionaries) and i also was asked to speak in stake conference. guh. i was thankful for it all and i feel blessed to be trusted with it. it just makes me very nervous. but it is all over now and i feel much lighter and better.

both sets of zone leaders asked us to present a training on finding and attitude. yes! my favorite thing! seriously though. i feel like i could talk for days about those subjects. i love it. tracting is getting more and more of a bad rep. but it still works and it is still alive! so we were sure to tell the missionaries that. but to make sure this truth hadnt changed, me and s davis put it to the test the day before the training. we did a little something called "boxing out" basically it is just tracting a few houses. i love that business. in the process, we were only able to talk to 2 people. one said we could come back (after we read a passage from the book of mormon), and the other was this awesome girl who was in high school. we talked with her for just a few minutes. we told her about the book of mormon and that god loves her. she felt she couldnt take a book of mormon for free, but we convinced her to ;) she was so sweet and said the words "i am interested!" she is basically a new investigator now and we are pretty happy :)

stake conference was pretty much a reunion of people from portland and augusta! it was the best thing. i felt like my ribs were going to break because my heart was just so big and full. oh there are just no words.
remember the pinkalicous story? well. we went over to their place again this week to teach them. sigh.. they are just so great. we prayed together (holding hands! its so precious!) they fed us. we taught them about the savior. we sang "he sent his son" and taught them what all the lyrics meant. they asked a lot of wonderful questions. we all sang the song together. it was just so sweet. at the end, both of the girls wanted to say the closing prayer. (not going to argue with that!) so we said two. the younger went first. a short, simple, sweet prayer. then the older sister. i had never heard her pray before. she first prayed for me and my companion. then for her little sister. then for her mom. then her mom whispered to her to pray for her self. so she prayed that the cat would stop peeing in her room but that the cat would still know that she loves her. it was one of the most sincere prayers i have ever heard. the cat part was kinda funny, but that is what she needed and she knows that heavenly father cares about her needs, even if they seem silly to other people. she is such an amazing example to me of putting others first and giving a personal, heart felt prayer. oh it was just so great. i love that family so much. i hope they will keep progressing.

well i best be off! i love all of you! 

love, me! sisterlani buxton

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