Monday, May 27, 2013

ok. first item of business- today on my way to email, I saw a bald eagle!!
oh it sure was majestic. quite the sight to see.

ok. thank you for the email and the support. it is good to hear the positive and supportive things that you say. I am happy that you were able to meet e nelson. I knew he would get along with sam and I was so thankful when he told me he would go visit you. I am so happy that you appreciate him and his amazing story. the time about the hike is that s berg and I went to email and shop and she forgot the phone an the elders wanted to go on the hike when we were emailing but we didn't know cuz we didn't have the phone. so it was our fault that we forgot the phone but it was an honest mistake. they ended up going somewhere else and we ended up hiking without them. so it was just lack of communication.

this week has been a joy. I went on another exchange this week. I was with one of the sisters from my mtc district. it was so wonderful to be with her. we also shared a room and she was always a wonderful silent example of faith and humility. it was so much fun to spend a day together and help each other learn.

the rest of this week was great. a brief summary goes as follows; in one week we found 5 new investigators, got an ultrasound of s clowards entire mid section, went on an exchange, spent 6 hours in the emergency room, and met with the bishop. it was a lovely week.

s cloward is just not feeling well. we still don't know why, but hopefully there will be answers soon. that poor sister.

our new investigators are pretty great. Dwight is definitely one of the most interesting men I have ever met. he is probs in his 60's. he lives in  a trailer by the creek, he has a motorcycle. he is a pro roller skater- he started when he was 3. he is going to restore his boat that is one of 3 in the united states. he is also going to let us help him with it :) he has a one man band. we haven't seen him in action but he told us that he plays guitar, drums, sings and maybe some other things all at once. I don't know how it works, but I want to witness it! he is so funny. I am so glad we met him. he told us over and over that he "likes to raise heck!" hahahaha that silly man.

well once again this week was a great testimony that this area has been prepared for us and that we have been prepared for this area. there are a lot of people that s cloward and I can relate to and there are just so many people that are happy to receive us. we have made multiple people cry just by being in their presence. it is so humbling.

so to answer your question- we have an hour and a half to email and we can email pretty much anyone outside of our mission. i usually still feel rushed at the end of it just because i have to report things to the president and because it is the only time to use the internet all week. but it is good and it is more time than we used to have and i am thankful for it.

i am so proud of my family. i am not even surprised that everyone is so successful in what they are doing. my only request is that everyone please recognize that the lord is giving the strength and the talents. continue to  thank him so that your flow of blessings doesn't stop! thank you for being great examples to me with what you do.

i laughed at the stories of my nephews. oh those boys are cute. i am so happy that erin is going to have a girl. i knew she will be so cute. i don't remember erin as a little girl but i know pictures and she was just so cute! especially when dad would contort her face with his hands. hhaha :) what a good dad and a good grandpa.

well i must go now. thank you for all that you do and all that you help me with. i love you all and i am thankful to be a part of the family. please don't let the nephews forget about me. i love you!

love, sister wanay buxton!!

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