Monday, May 6, 2013

well hello!
thank you for all the news. california sounds fun and i am happy to hear some stories. i am glad my nephews are growing up to be such great kids!

so is erin having a boy or a girl? and when is she due?

are you ready for mothers day calls? i am thinking maybe i will get to call next sunday around 8:00 here. (6:00 your time, right?) i hope that works for you. i hope that is what i end up doing.

well a lot of great things happened this week. an eventful week for sure. first off, i found some roller blades. i found them just before we were going to walk home to retire for the night. it was perfect. on our way home, i saw pete! the christmas miracle man. so i stopped and talked to him. he was nice this time and even shook my hand. he did tell me that i am an idiot. but he was really nice :) but those roller blades are so cool! i found them outside robin's house. they were in a big pile of free stuff. i have been using them for exercise in the morning. it has been a blast!

so s berg has to do this defensive driving thing because she got in a bad accident before her mission. she was watching it the other day and all the sudden she comes over to me saying "oh my gosh! tell me this guy doesnt look like stanley from the office!" it was him! hahaha it really was him! what is he doing in the missionary driving dvds? hahahaha oh it was great. we had a good laugh.

so there is an elder in my district named elder nelson. he is going home this week. i guess he is going home early because of health issues. i dont really know what they are because i feel bad asking. but he is a great elder. and guess where home is for him!! orem utah! i asked him to go say hi to you (especially sam cuz i think they would get along). he said he would! i wasnt going to tell you just in case he forgot or if he thought it was weird or something. but he called me a couple days ago and told me to email you and give you a heads up that he is coming! great huh! i am so happy for you to meet him. he is a fun elder. oh and he requested that i tell you that he is NOT apostate. he is only going home early for medical reasons. so look forward to that :)

so last monday night i got a call from the assistants telling me that i was expected to be at the very first missionary leadership counsel (or something like that) which is replacing zone leader counsel. the meeting was going on the very next day.. (those BLASTED elders always tell us everything last minute!) so that night during planning we rearranged our tuesday and stuff. then we hear some trudging up the stairs... sister caffall and sister jensen burst through the door!!  man oh man what a surprise!! they were staying at our appartment for the night so that they could go to the meeting too! (those BLASTED elders always forget to tell us things!!) but. it was fun to be there and it was interesting. i think they just invited me because out of all the sisters, i live the closest to the building they were having the meeting at. but sister berg didnt go. she went on a mini exchange!

so on sunday the elders had a baptism! they have been teaching a couple and they got baptized at the same service. it was wonderful to see.

alright alright its time for the new of transfers. i did get a call on saturday night. it was president wilkey who called (that means it was a special call). he told s berg that she would be staying in bedford and receiving a new senior companion.  he then told me that he wants to extend the call to me to.... train again. and "basically open a new area." and also.... be a "sister training leader". crazy huh?! my goodness. this mission has never had one before so i dont really know what that means. we talked about it at the meeting on tuesday but it is just so foreign that we were pretty much all confused to some degree (president too). when we were talking over the phone on tuesday he told me that i would basically be zone leader, but different. good thing i know what that is supposed to mean.. not! hahha so hopefully things go well and hopefully they all keep in mind that i... might need a little help..  but i just try to remember d&c 112 :10 and also jeremiah 17:5-8. those scriptures help lots. so this means that i will be moving of course. i dont know where. they will tell me at the end of the transfer meeting tomorrow. :)  so that means i dont know my address. but the mission office address works just as well.

i was just fine after the phone call. i was just fine during church. i mean. i was nervous and all that but i didnt even cry or anything! then sister earnshaw found out i was leaving. she was so sad! oh it just broke my heart. she hugged me and then looked me in the eyes and told me all these sweet things and it just made me cry. gosh. it was kinda embarrassing but it was tender ya know? that family has done so much just in the short time i was in this ward. they are so kind to everyone and they are very missionary minded. i love that family! after s berg took pictures of me with them, brother earnshaw snuck me a hug! hahahaha that silly man! it was a sneaky side hug and then he walked away saying that he would never hug a sister missionary because he knows its not allowed. hahaha oh that man is great. i would be surprised if any of my future ward mission leaders are as great as him. he sure is wonderful.

it was difficult to say goodbye to some people but i have mostly kept it on the dl because i dont like goodbyes and all that. but it was a good week and sister earnshaw remains the only one who has made me cry over transfers. although i spose there is a chance i will cry when i have to leave s berg. i really love that sister and we have had such a great time together. president always tells us that companionships usually go through 3 stages- the rah rah rah stage where they are all excited to go and do. then the red hair stage where everything about their companion bugs them.. even their... red hair!! ah! then the last stage is charity where they just come to grips with each other and love each other. i feel like s berg and i went straight to the last stage. it has been a wonderful transfer! 

well i really have to go now. thank you for everything! sorry i dont know my new address!

talk to you on sunday!! i love you!

love, sister lani buxton :)

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