Monday, April 1, 2013

yes yes it’s all true its soo true. i am training. but get this get this. there are 3 sisters that came out 5 weeks ago that are also training! can you believe that?! man. that would be so crazy to train that fast. so anyway. the sister i am training is named sister lindsey berg. she is really great :) i lucked out big time with this because this sister is cool! she has gotten used to the missionary lifestyle really fast and she is just very chill and willing to work. i really like her.

training is fun though :) you must have been praying for me :) i haven’t freaked out and i am getting just as much sleep as i was when i was a jr. comp. so this is good :)

yes yes jackie DID get baptized! oh it is so exciting :) i love that girl. her mom is letting us teach her, now we just have to do it! haha sometimes it is easier said than done. it would be great if her whole fam got baptized. i am sure they will. i just dont know when that would be. it might have to be plenty of time after i have left, but hey! i will accept a miracle if it comes my way.

bob francis, the born again christian. sigh.. we talked to him on the phone and he cancelled the appointment. he is just stuck right now. he is very worried about rocking the boat right now with his wife and all that. i think he wants to take steps in the direction of the lds church, but he is just scared. when he cancelled the appointment he thanked us for coming and he said he really enjoyed it. but then he kept saying  "i cant.... i.. i just.. i cant.." over and over. it was really heart breaking. but the good news is that he met a member of the church with not just similarities, it was like they were the same person! man it was amazing. so we will make sure he still has connections with the church and all that. and we will visit him again eventually. that guy sure is great.

so the r.s. activity. it was a celebration of the r.s. birthday. so the theme was birthday and also polka-dots. the invites, decorations, etc.. polka-dots. in the cultural hall is where the actual party took place. we had dinner and dessert and all that. on the wall they put butcher paper like 6 feet high and like... 15 feet across with a bow so that it looked like a big present. then we all thought of something we would be willing to do for someone else (iron some clothes, make spaghetti, paint nails, pick out your lice.." and we all wrote what it was and our contact info on our own individual polka-dot that was like.. 6 inches in diameter. they then decorated the present with the polka-dots of service. everyone that gave a dot got to then at the end, pick a dot. i gave "family home evening to your non member friend" (hahaha :) and i picked "sewing alterations and repair" so that worked out pretty well.

s caffall was wearing my skirt when it ripped. i dont really know how it happened. i think it got caught on a door or something but really i just dont know.

but s caffall sure is sweet! i told her not to worry about it and all that. on my first night of being a trainer i picked up my pillow and what did i find underneath... one of her skirts with a note to me (it was for "sister BUTxton" hahaha! oh i love that sister.) it was my favorite skirt of hers! wow. she sure is sweet to me. i really like that skirt! so that's that.

well in other news. this week has been great! robin handlin has been praying lots and she loves it :) now that she is reading and praying, she is motivated to be better! and isnt that what the gospel is supposed to do for us? motivate us to improve? she asked us on friday "so if i am not doing anything bad, what else do i need to DO? what else should i be doing??" wow! so good! then she happily committed to be baptized! what a wonderful lady :) 

that same day, we met with kelly, who has been investigating for a long time and she is practically mormon. she got pumped about the restoration and she also committed to being baptized :)

this mission is so much fun and this area is on fire! we are supposed to train in 12 weeks but because there are so many missionaries coming out, i am supposed to train in 6 weeks now! our area is really catching fire. we are having a hard time finding time to eat, let alone get through the whole training program! wow! how exciting!

hey it sure is good to hear about things back home! my nephews sound so cute!

thank you for the emails, letters and love!

much love,
sister wanay buxton!

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