Monday, June 3, 2013


well hey and thank you for the letters! i am so excited for jade!!!! oh man i just cant wait to hear where she is going!! wowie!!!! i am just so happy for her.

i definitely enjoyed the story of the wild whinings. crazy animals! the other night there arose such a clatter, i got out of my bed to see what was the matter. i opened the window and i yelled at some cats who were fighting. poor "big guy". he was involved, but he didnt get hurt. he is a great cat. he is always waiting for us when we come home and he loves to sit on me or by me while i study. he is a good cat. and i think s cloward is warming up to the idea too. she has never had a cat, so she is usually pretty confused by him. you know how cats rub the side of their faces on stuff? well this morning during companionship study, big guy was sitting on my lap and rubbing his face on my desk. s cloward; "what is he- oh! he! he's rubbing his tooth on the desk! why is he doing that?!" hahahahaha oh she is so funny. she cracks me up big time.

speaking of s cloward, she is still sick. we still dont know what is wrong with her but her surgeon who took out her gallbladder 2 years ago said he thinks it is sphincter vodi (ghahaha!). so hopefully giong to a g.i. specialist will help.

this week was good though. i cant remember if i told you about ken, but we found him street contacting a couple weeks ago. he was a treat. we found him working away in his garage. he was very kind and happy to receive a bom. this week we had an appointment to see him again. we couldnt go cuz s cloward was really just.. having a difficult time. so we sent the elders over there for us (how convenient!). they reported with the following; ken read.... THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON!  in less than a week! my goodness! we couldnt believe it. wowIE!! so needless to say, we have another appointment for this wednesday and we are STOKED to go see him again. goodie goodie gumdrops!!

oh! there is a woman in our ward who specializes in reflexology. do you know what that is? well i sure didnt. its like weird voodoo stuff! its great! well anyway, basically the Lord directed her to s cloward and now they are trying to cure her through that. oh but reflexology is essentially healing your body through a foot massage. it is superb. so s cloward has had many a body healing and bad energy elimination via strange breathing techniques, air bending and foot massages. its awesome. we are excited to see if it will cure her.

after we visited with her on saturday night, we were walking out her apartment building. we opened the door to find a very tan, bald man. the first thing he said to us was "its a miracle!" haha we were very happy to run into a person who recognized the divinity of our calling. he was very happy to see us and insisted that we allowed him to give us ice cream. so we happily agreed (even though we were given so much dessert that day. i dont know why people just instantly think they need to give us sugar, but it is great!). he ran inside, got our ice cream, and we all enjoyed it outside. turns out this man is jewish (by birth maybe? maybe he is an x jew?) but he told us that he loved meditating and that he is Buddhist. it was great. we talked about space and agreed that we needed to meet up again. i shared alma 30:44 and we went on our way. that guy sure was cool. i am very happy we met him and that we will continue to meet with him. what a fun week it has been.

man! i cant tell you how happy and excited i am for jade!!

ok anyway, i have some birthday wishes. i know my birthday isnt for a few months but i want you to post this on the blog and i want people to have plenty of time to do it-
my birthday wish!

i want for my birthday people to do something for someone and then write me what it was and how you felt about it. here are some ideas!

go do some temple work!
family history work!
missionary experiences! (they dont have to be big)
make a meal for someone, or take someone out to eat!
help lift a burden!
change a diaper! (doesnt just have to be a baby!)
use a talent you have to benefit someone else!
go crazy! do whatever you want, but just remember- mosiah 2:17   :)
thank you! i hope to hear about your experiences!

well family. thank you for being so great. i love you all very much. keep being wonderful and i will talk to you later.

love you!

love, sister wanay

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