Monday, May 13, 2013

hello all! 

i will proceed to answer questions.

in my district there are 4 companionships.

s cloward and i are the only sisters in our district.

one comp split their area with us. one comp serves in gardner. one comp serves in winthrop.

our apartment was completely stocked with desks, dishes, knives, blender, broom, etc..

the bishop and a man in our ward found the apartment. the man in the ward owns the apartment.

there was no food, we went shopping on tuesday night.

my comp stays in our area during exchanges and she has one sister stay with her. i go to that sisters area and am companions with her companion. hope that made sense. we just switch comps.

if she goes brand new with brand new, then they will have a great learning experience. that happened to me and s berg two times. they used over 70 miles the first time. remember?

my area is the east side of augusta (divided by the river), chelsea and windsor.
i am at the library using the computers here.

the elders told me about the library.

we have zone conference at our chapel here in hallowell.

i dont know how to explain how big my zone is.

"i'm all set" is a very common term here. they also drop "r"s if they are at the end of a word and they add an "r" at the end of words that end with "a". for example- door= "dooah" pizza="pizzer" spatula="spatuler" yard="yahd" they have other things they say like "wicked" exaple- "oh yeah the ward is wicked excited to have you!" 

"i have a wicked bad sickness, so i will be at sacrament unless i am in the emergency room"

everyone caters kindly to my food preferences.

i truly love my companion. she is so wonderful. we are very, very compatible. i dont think she is too overwhelmed. she has been sick and there has been a lot of paperwork and talking to get things sorted out, so we have had a lot of down time. i am not too overwhelmed. i have just been relying on the lord. i know that when i do, things work out and he helps me do what is expected and what is needed.

maine really is amazing. it is covered in life. there is life everywhere! it rains lots and is just so beautiful. outside my apartment door is a green field. behind the field is forest. behind the forest is a big river. oh. so wonderful. the other day s cloward took like a two hour nap because of her sickness. i let the cat in and cuddled with him while watching a movie about temples. it sure was splendid.

maine is also the welfare state of the states, so there are places we arent allowed to go and many people that are struggling physically and mentally. its pretty hear breaking. good thing this life isnt forever.

the flower job sounds great. i tried to find a flower delivery girl job while i was going to usu. i just think that would be lovely. i hope you dont have to spend too many days hiding in the car or under the wagon because of rain.

good news about sam! my bum will climb the peaks of life and sound a trump at the top. i just know it.

it sure was good to hear all your voices. i feel like i did most of the talking and i didnt hear from you people too much! i hope you could understand me over the phone and i hope you liked the stories i had to tell. i hope you all know  how much i love this work and love being out here. i love that my family loves me! i love that the more i learn about the gospel, the more i find positive reinforcement to become better and stronger!

i love you all!


love, sister wanay!!

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