Monday, April 22, 2013


thank you dad for explaining the whole stone thing. i am glad you know stuff. you can write me as little or as often as you would like. i will not complain and i will still be thankful for every letter/email you DO write. thank you for all the support and all that. i know i couldnt get out here without you and i know that is due to your generosity and also the way you brought me up. so thank you.

happy birthday!! or should i say, saggy. yes. saggy birthday. i am sending you a birthday package this week. i have had it all taped up in our apartment for a couple weeks now. it is just hard to find time to send it! but it is coming your way. dont be too excited though. some of the stuff in there is actually for me :) hahaha. just stuff i dont need to be carrying around and stuff like that. i figured you would be ok with receiving presents for me when it is your birthday and anniversary :) oh yea, happy anniversary mom and dad! keep on loving each other!!

this week was a nice week. carolina set a baptismal date of june 14, with her daughter. that means we now have 4 baptismal dates in our area! this is so exciting!

jackie scott went on a church tour this last tuesday which was great. that lady is so funny! she is in her 70's. she shows up to the church and as she is about to walk into the building, 2 five dollar bills spill out from inside of her sweater.  so i go to pick them up for her and like 7 more five dillar bills come flying out from her sweater! hahaha that silly lady. a woman from our ward came to the church tour. her name is also jackie. they connected so well and had a lovely time, i think! jackie is so cute! she is praying about baptism now. it is so much fun to see her relationship with god grow. i think she has always wanted it and wanted it to be positive. so when we got back to the apartment, we got a text from the elders, who were at the church at the time of our tour. the text said- "hey did your investigator drop a 5 dollar bill at the church?" hahahahaha oh silly jackie! we have retrieved it and it will be... not so safe inside her sweater again soon! hahaha :)

remember robin handlin? when we went to our appointment with her this last week, she was so excited to tell us all about what she studied in the bom. she had read way more than we asked her to. she came to the lesson with questions and cool things she wanted to share with us. at the end of the lesson, she whipped out her sticky notes and asked us what we wanted her to read this week. wow! it is so amazing to see her progress so much and really just want more and more! i hope she stays strong and always wants more of the gospel in her life.

a miracle from this week- sister constantine is a less active. she is sweet but bitter. she smokes, drinks, and doesnt want to come to church because of a bad experience in the past. the day of our appointment, she called us to cancel because she was in a bad mood. we asked if we could come over sooner and just read to her. she agreed. when we got there, she was just having a bad day. too many things all coming at her at once. we let her just sit down and relax as we read some chapters out of the bom to her. by the time we were done, she was feeling so much better. we have never brought up her wow issues. this time she did. she told us that she is giving or throwing all her wow problems away and that she wants us to find someone to fix her dress so that she can come to church. WOWIE! what a miracle indeed!

this week has been great and this work is truly moving along! i love being a missionary and i love all of you!

until next week!

love, sister lani buxton!

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