Monday, April 29, 2013

oooooOOOOooo.. mom has an iphone?! hahaha this is news to me. look at how fancy you are bob!

i am happy to hear that my bum now has a degree in science. what a smart bum. i love the pictures you sent me. hahaha :) it sounds like you are having fun out there!

i am glad you enjoyed your presents, dad. enjoy those authentic bleach flour buns.

this week was a joy. we did yard work twice this week in our skirts and flats. it was so much fun. i miss doing that kind of stuff. plus my arms got their first kiss of sun.

so on wednesday we were walking down the street and we passed a man. i didnt get to talk to him; there were too many other people around him and it would have been awkward. (you would think i would be over the whole awkward thing because i am a missionary, but apparently i am not.) well. bout two hours later we saw him again. i just knew we needed to talk. so i stopped him. we talked for a couple minutes, and the conversation led to having a personal relationship with christ. he was so happy. he said he has been reading the bible and that he loves christ. i asked him if he would like to strengthen his relationship with him and he eagerly said yes. we then introduced the bom to him. he thought it was great! he thankfully accepted it and gave us his address. he then volunteered the information that he just stopped smoking and drinking! he seemed so happy!

man. this was just so cool. i feel like i hear stories like that alla time about missionaries that meet such prepared people. people that dont even need to be told what they should do to be more spiritually receptive. that is one thing i have really learned on my mission. i have heard before that there are no temporal laws, only spiritual. i never really understood that, because of things like the word of wisdom. but the word of wisdom really is a spiritual law. it is spiritual because the promptings of the spirit are so soft and quiet that you really have to be still and listening closely.

like in helaman 5:30- (go read that so i dont have to type it please :)) there is a quote in pmg that really helped me understand that the wow is a spiritual law. it says something to the effect of "no wonder the word of wisdom was revealed, for how could the drunkard or the addict hear such a voice?" i think it is on page 97. i cant remember for sure. but that really helped me understand. but anyway. i am so excited to go back and visit that guy. missionary work is so much fun :)

remember sister constantine? well! she came to church yesterday! she stayed for the whole 3 hours and still wanted us to come over that night. she loved church so much. she was happy to tell us about her reading from the bom. we had a member come with us (betty butler that is! the snappiest, funniest, bitter old 4' 11'' 87 year old woman around!) she brought some old temple magazines. right when s constantine saw them she asked if she could borrow them. that woman is so sweet and wonderful. i am so glad she is coming to church and benefiting from the gospel. i wish everyone could see that the only reason god gives us the gospel is to benefit us. i mean, thats his "work and [his] glory" - that is- to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." the cool thing is that eternal life is essentially just us reaching a whole new capacity for joy! heavenly father is so cool!

ok yesterday something funny happened. the elders have been teaching a couple named julie and allen carrier. they are going to be baptized next week. so the funny thing is that under strange circumstances, we ended up teaching them (without the elders) at a members house yesterday. we basically found out right before we got in the car to drive over there. so we had to make a last minute lesson plan for people we had never taught before. so we decided to go with a really cool lesson that dave told me about. we had them draw the fortifications that captain moroni put into action in alma 50:1-6. then we related that to how we can protect ourselves using the gospel. it was cooler than i am making it sound! so that night, the elders called us and told us that the carriers loved it so much! they said it was the highlight of their day! what a bunch of cuties! thank you dave for the lesson plan! it was great :)

we have been meeting with leah, an investigator. when we went to visit her last night, she was so excited to see us! she welcomed us in and immediately started talking about what she read in the bom. she was so excited. she had even been sharing what she read with her friends. she opened up her bom and started telling us how amazing god is and that she has so much peace and hope in her life. she can finally forgive herself for past sins because she knows that god will forgive her too. she was filled with so much love and motivation to do good and become what god wants her to be! we asked her if she would be baptized. she got up and marked on the calendar a date to stop smoking and drinking and also a date to be baptized. a miracle indeed!

well i really have to go now! thank you for the love and support. have fun in california! bum, dont get sandy cheeks!

i love you all!

love, sister wanay buxton!

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