Monday, April 8, 2013

hi :)

i enjoyed your email. made me laugh out loud a couple of times :) my nephews are so cute! thank you for the fun updates and the silly stories.

i have been thinking a lot and i think i don’t want you to tell me if any of the pets die. i just don’t want to think about that while i am out here. thank you :)

did i thank you for the st. patties package? well thank you ver much :) that was a very cute package and i really enjoy the contents! those alligator socks are wonderful! they look nice on my feet and also in my drawer with my animal print socks and my sweater tights.

the easter package is also a delight! we love the m&ms and all that. the silly putty was an answer to a prayer i hadn’t actually said yet; sometimes there are kids in lessons that just need to be distracted or played with. i take play dough when i know we will need it but sometimes i just don’t know ahead of time. and the thing of play dough is just too big to be in my purse all the time just in case. but the little egg of silly putty is great! so thank you very much!

the belt is also cute! i wore it with my black dress the other day and it looked great. good find bob :)

so. being a trainer. its great :) i really have enjoyed it. it hasn’t been nearly as stressful as i thought. plus s. berg is great. i was definitely worried when i heard she went to byu. but no worries on that one :) she wears her byu shirt around our quarters, but other than that, she is a gem.

so for training we have a program that takes 12 weeks to complete. we have been instructed to complete it in 6. by the end of the training program, you are supposed to be ready to train if needs be. so yes. there is a chance that one or both of us will be training after 6 weeks. It’s crazy. we do a lot of studying. last i heard (which was 2 or 3 weeks ago) we have 10 more sisters coming out next transfer and 19 the transfer after that. crazy! our mission is going from 16 sisters to 52 in less than.. 4 months! we are in the middle of it now. sure is fun!

so last monday night we got a call telling me that i was expected to be at the missionary leadership training meeting the next day. i had never heard of such a meeting. apparently it’s for leadership (who would have guessed?) . sisters don't have leadership positions. why then, do you ask, was i there? well. straighten up your tie and comb your hair because you are reading a letter from the soon to be first sister assistant to the president this world has ever seen!

haha :)

just kidding. but i was asked to come to the meeting. i guess they are going to assign some leadership positions to sisters soon. they just asked me to go because i live close to the church that they were having the meeting at. but it was fun. i enjoyed being there. i had to demonstrate to everyone how they should tell a missionary of the opposite gender if they are crossing the line or something. it was so funny. one elder referred to the surge of sisters as a pandemic and one of the sisters immediately rebuked him in front of everyone and told him that that was offensive. hahahaha :) so funny :)

the meeting was fun, but i was just worried about my poor companion! she was left to be senior companion with a sister that came out at the same time she did! plus our gps broke!~ gah! that poor sister. she was a little bit of a lost puppy that day. but they taught 2 lessons while i was in the meeting! hooray!

something cool happened last night! we went to teach a less active; sister constantine. she is old and bitter because she has had a really tough life. she converted in the 90's ( i think) and fell away i dont know how long ago. i dont know many details, but apparently it is a miracle that we are even teaching her. at the beginning of our lesson last night she said 'there was another young sister who came that insisted that there was a man who saw god and another guy... i just sincerely believe that no one has ever seen god!' we were a bit nervous because we realized she was talking about joseph smith, and we were planning on teaching the restoration. but we asked some inspired (inspired indeed!) questions. then we taught the lesson of the restoration. by the end, the spirit was strong, she said it all made sense, and she had a renewed respect for the book of mormon and also a desire to read it. amazing miracle!

i did get to watch conference and i really really loved it. it was too bad that i couldn’t crochet on the couch but it was a very wonderful time. our only rules for conference were that we could only watch it at the church. i sure loved it:) it seemed to be all about family! it reminded me of.. you! get it? because you are my family. :) i can’t wait to get the ensign so i can read through the talks again!

hey do you think you could do me a huge favor? i am wondering if you could send me a little family tree of some sort. i dont need much. maybe just a paper i can fold up and put in my scriptures so i can show people every so often. i have a new found love for family history. i am sending a really cool story to the g parents this week. you will have to convince them to let you read it or something.

well i am going to be off now! i love you very  much family! i am so blessed to have been raised by you bob and dad!

i love you!

sister lani buxton

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