Monday, May 20, 2013

dear people,

thank you for the emails. i always love hearing them. i am so happy about bum graduating.

all the mission calls are so wonderful to hear! i am glad you got to meet a couple of my rm friends. i worked with both scott and spencer, although you might know that by now. i think the spencer that you were thinking of is spencer donaldson. he is in arizona and he just left in... august i think.

dad, thank you for the wonderful experiences you shared with me. i think about a garden, or you know, vineyard, and i think about all the work that goes into it. there are so many stages that go into gardening. you have to clear a place for it, prepare the dirt for it, plant the seeds, water, sunshine, weed, wait, wait, water, etc.. then there is the harvest. it all takes time, but i know that no matter what part the lord calls me to do, i will magnify it with a thankful heart. i am blessed to do any part of his work and i am honored that he would trust me with any of it. with reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures- alma 28:14.

thank you bob for the fun updates and stories! so fun to read.

so this week i went on my first exchange as a sister training leader! i have never been out of my own area for an exchange before so it was fun :) i went to brunswick, maine. the sister i was with has only been out for 7 weeks and she is training already! wow! what an amazing sister. i really enjoyed my time with her. we both learned a lot and grew to love each other more. one of the people we stopped by was a sweet old woman named juanita :) she is a returning member of the church who has her eye set on going to the temple with her husband someday. oh she was cute. we read some of the book of mormon with her. she told us about her husbands new diet and that she was stuggling to accomodate. it was so sweet. i told her that i am a vegetarian and she said "you are? what do you make to eat!?" hahahah it was so cute and funny. i definitely felt impressed to tell her your contact info. i am so glad that she used it. she has a sweet spirit. thank you so much for helping her. i know she appreciates it.

so while i was on the exchange, sister cloward had to go to the doctor to get tested for appendicitis! ah! is that how that is spelled? that poor sister. she woke up 2 different nights with the worst pain. (and this girl knows pain.. she has a serious history in that department) she was all curled up and crying and oh, it was just so sad. but she is feeling good right now. we are just waiting to hear back from the doctor. poor sister.
so when i got back from the exchange, i had a box waiting for me! sister cloward saw the 30 meals in one day sticker and she was excited for it to be food! hahaha :) "just imagine.. 30 meals in one day!" hahaha she is great.

i really could not believe same sent me a box of presents for HIS birthday! my goodness! what a sweetie! hahah :) the presents really are wonderful. i love the snowboarding pass. that silly boy. i dont know what the blue round thing with the sticky feet and the number is though. :) but i do love the presents and it is a perfect gift :) thank you so much bum. i am very thankful for you :)

the rest of this week was great. we are having so much fun together and so many gerat times lay ahead of us. we get along so well. you wouldnt believe how spiritual and prepared s cloward is. she is great.

ok i have to tell you a story. so last week at the library there was this man probs in his 50's that we kept bumping into. he is maybe 2 inches taller than me. he had pot belly, fisherman hat, and glasses with the sunglasses attached that can open up horizontally. is this making sense? he was friendly and stuff. i didnt do anything missionary-like with him. didnt even give him a pass along card. silly sister buxton. i regretted that for the rest of the week. well. this week when i came in, i saw him again. so i went over to him to talk to him. we talked for a few minutes and i could see that the conversation wasnt going too much of anywhere; he is pretty wrapped up in incorrect details.. he was talking pretty loud. people were looking at us. the librarian finally came over and asked if he was bothering me. i told him we could talk later. he gave me is contact info and left. bout 10 minutes later he came and sat by me. possibly 5 inches too close. he grabbed a piece of paper and stared writing. the librarian came over again and asked if he was bothering me. he got all offended and stuff. it was silly. i told her it was ok. i told him that she was just looking out for me. sheesh. she left. he gave me a paper that said- "are you interested in morotcycles? would you like to got for a ride sometime?" hahahahahhaha oh my heavens what a silly man! oh gosh. so. so. so funny.

oh. sister cloward really really wants pictures of me wearing bandannas and also of my mohawk. i know we have some of the bandannas. i truly fear that there are none of my mohawk. please send them if they exist :) thank you

well family, i can tell you are praying for me because i am happy, loving the work, and i can feel the lord strengthening me. alma 26:12.

let me know if there anything i can do to better serve you or be a better daughter, sister, aunt, missionary. i love you all very much!

thank you!
love, sister wanay buxton!

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