Monday, June 10, 2013

bob and family,

well today has been wonderful. it started with 200 lunges. then i pondered atlanta gergia while i took a shower. a bit later i ate macadamia craizin granola cereal while big guy cuddled me. he also stayed for my book of mormon study. then i slipped my brand new shoes on and walked out into the clear, perfect day :) it really is eprfect today! wowie!!

and bob, thank you so much for the box. i really loved the contents. s cloward and i have been so excited for the jam. she didnt know what rhubarb was until a couple weeks ago when a ward member ripped it up with her bare hands and fed it to us. it was great. we both love the jam :) thank you so much. also i love the cereal and the shoes. you sure are cute and you are very good at listening to shoes. they really are perfect and go with many of my outfits! the chips are great. they took my taste buds on a ride. did you know that people out here dont understand spicy? they dont know real mexican food either. so thank you!

the note was great and you did a great job of driving me crazy with the anticipation of jades call! ah! i am  just so happy for her. i am so happy she really is going to serve. it is such a grand experience. its just too bad she isnt going to the greatest and most lovely mission on the globe. my mission president calls it "god's country" and for good reason.

speaking of my president. i dont know if you know this, but he is leaving in a couple months. his mission is almost over. i will miss him and his wife. i told you how i feel about him when i first came out and i still feel the same way; he is the closest man to christ i have ever met. i want you to invite him over for dinner or something when he is home. he will be living in lehi so i really hope you do :) i know he and his wife would love it.

i am curious who the girl is that has been doing reflexology. i hope she is getting better and all that. s cloward is doing alright. she hasnt been throwing up every day, so i think she is improving. but we do have a lot of down time. it isnt the funnest thing but it is ok. i know i can give her the benefit of the doubt, so i am never put out if we need to go home or if she has a request of some sort. she really is a wonderful sister. she is very supportive and encouraging. and everyone needs that.

hey did you know that sister c sent me a strawberry days box? wow! that woman! she is so sweet. i was shocked to get it and it really was a perfect missionary box. you know what that means? i got TWO perfect missionary boxes this week. but really would you tell her that i truly appreciate it? she sure is sweet. this week i actually thought of her when someone showed us a conveniently placed nest with some teeny tiny birds in it! oh they were so cute. i could hear the mother near by, yelling at us. that consequently led me to dream that night that i was being chased by a wroth mother duck. i was on a dirt bike of course, and even that couldtnt outspeed that angry duck. it was scary.

anyway, i should let you know that transfers are this next week. with 18 sister coming out, there is a chance i will have a change of address again. if i do, i will get the call this saturday and i will move the following tuesday. its crazy out here!

thank you for the love and support and the letters. i really love hearing from you all!

thank you thank you and congrats to jade. i really cant tell you how happy i am for her :)

i love you :)

love, sister lani buxton

p.s. bob you are so silly! remember how you would always mix up jade and sage's names? you did it in the letter you sent this week! hahahah :)
i love you!

this week sure was great. we had zone interviews and i was supposed to do a 5-10 minute training about planners. not too bad, but i have never had to teach anyone older than 7 before so it was a little intimidating for me. i just dont feel i am cut out for that kind of business. but hey, prepared and willing is what i am striving to be. then, the day before the big meeting, i was told that i was also supposed to prepare a 45 minute sisters meeting. sigh. good news was that i was supposed to prepare is with sister korman (my mtc companion!!!!!). the bad news is, she is not my companion, she found out the same time i did, aaaand she didnt have any time to talk until 9:30 that night. so needless to say i was nervous about it. but the day came, we followed the spirit, and it went well. there were even tears! (caused by the spirit, of course.)

after the meeting, we went to visit a recent convert. we have been trying to get in contact with her since we got here, but we have been unsuccessful. the ward has been really trying to reach out to her, but she went though some rough times and she has really been shutting everyone out. no one has heard anything from her and no one has seen her for a while. it is a sad situation and the ward has been very hopeful that we could help. her brother has even been in contact with us trying to find a way for us to meet her.

with that said, we went to knock on her door once more. one knock.. ..       ..  .....   she opened the door. we had no idea what to expect.. smiles? rage? tears? ...... she stepped outside and closed the door.. SMILES!! we all introduced ourselves and we just started talking. we only talked for a few minutes, but in that time, we laughed, set up a return appointment, hugged and she even told us that she loves us and that we are cool! i am cool mom! did you hear that! oh i cant tell you the relief and the joy and the excitement that filled s cloward and i. 

we pranced back to the car, and reported to the people we knew would be knocked out of their seats with our news. first, heavenly father, second, the elders-they are the ones that taught and baptized her. then some other people like the ward mission leader and her brother. but my goodness are we happy about it. wow! it is just so wonderful.

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