Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - The day before Thanksgiving and her last P-Day in the MTC


hey! i cant rememeber if i told you but i was OVERJOYED with the story of mayonnaise!!! oh that sweet sweet kitty! do you know how he is doing? i am just so happy about it. thank you for the letters! it is so much fun to read everything you write to me! also i dont think i mentioned that i am sorry about what happened with the car! ah! i am so sorry i didnt do or say anything about the tires.the scripture i want on my plaque is the last verse of the last book in the new testament. it reads something along the lines of "may the grace and love of christ be with you forever, amen." something like that. thank you for asking me! i hope there is still time to let him know. i am so happy to hear of erun's new house!! that sounds so wonderful and perfect for them. i am so happy they get to move in, even though it is months away. i hope the boys and the tank love it!!! thank you for staying out of the den of iniquity, i dont want any of my family in prison for life by the time i get home! i am sad i wont get your wonderful food and all that. i miss it. the cafeteria food is so so. there is always plenty to eat but holy boogers. everything is processed and greasy and from boxes and all that. but. i have grown close to the wrap bar. that stuff is heaven sent. thank you for telling me about my nephews! oh i miss them. they are so cute! i look at family pictures and such alla time. i love the little book you gave me! thank you so much. also thank you for the earring pictures! i would love to have 1-10. if they have a match that would also be great. i dont really have anything that goes with 11-22. dont worry about shortening them. no one cares. i have seen a lot of rule breaking e'rry day and no one really cares. there is a sister with a third of her head shaved, the rest of her hair like 2 feet long. there is a girl with a mullet. 1/4 of the girls' skirts are too short, jewelry is huge and flashy, a lot of girls look very casual alla time. i am glad i dont and that i have been keeping all the rules. my main point is these earrings arent going to be a big deal. they just want me to look good and put together. no one is going around with rulers and such. thank you thank you thank you for being so kind. and if there isnt enough time to send the earrings to the mtc, please just dont send them. i dont even wear earrings every day. and i dont need to.

to answer your questions; my district is WONDERFUL. i love e'rry one i am with e'rry day. our district leader is named elder semadeni from wyoming. he is so spiritual and fun and sweet. he is an amazing leader. there are 4 sisters including me. our district gets along really well and everyone is happy with each other. we are is such a good place right now. oh also, i am the travel agent (at least thats what i like to call myself) for a group of 11 people. we are leaving the mtc at 4 in the night (morning by other people's standards) on sunday night (monday morning). i am so excited! but please please dont send anything to the mtc that wont get here by saturday. does that  make sense? i hope i am ya know.. making sense.

rememeber eric scofeild? i saw him! remember my friend erin that was giong to serve and now she wants to get married instead? she broke up with him and now she is coming to the mtc one week from today!!!! i flipped when i found that out. i am so happy! anyway. i must go now. i love you all and thank you for your letters! (especially the hand written one!!!) thank you thank you thank you! i love you and miss you all but not a whole lot!! hahahahahahahahahah :):):)

much love,
your daughter, horrible daughter, sister and aunt,

sister lani buxton.

hey i love you!!

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