Monday, December 10, 2012


thank you for the letters and the bedding! manchester is so great! i come home every day smelling like cigarette smoke, kitty litter and curry. ah!
the food situation is great! my companion's previous companion was also veg! i talked to her and she said everyone is ok with it, and that if i eat at someones house, i just need to tell them ahead of time. she said that no one has given her grief about it. no one has given me any grief either! they are quite nice!
i have had a few member dinners so far. they pass around a sign up sheet in relief society for feeding us. it is frustrating though. when we eat at member's homes, we want referrals, not just food and interaction. it seems like some of them are taking it as just a fun thing instead of a helping us FIND people kind of thing. but it is nice that they love us. yes i make breakfast. and lunch and dinner. its no biggie. we buy things that dont take long to make. last week we bough SO MUCH FRUIT and we ate it in less than a week. oh that reminds me.
my blankets are indeed warm enough. the heat is always on in our apartment. (we dont even have to turn in on, i think the people down stairs just keep it going for us. ) i have had zero cold nights. i dont even have the electric blankets on my bed. plus there is a load of blankets already in there anyway. i need no more! i also found a red sweater in the closet that is made of lamb's wool and rabbit fur. i wore it once. it was itchy.

i have received dave's letters and package :) i have the tiny present (which i did not know was my watch thing, because i didnt open it!) it says on the paper "stinker! wait till christmas!"  hahahahaha but yes i got it. i also got a tree and a card from sister frank and the.. laurels? oh it made me JOYFUL AND TRIUMPHANT! i put dave's christmas presents under the tree haha :)

i hope carrie doesn t go to texas! i didnt want to either! get this; my companion went to byu hawaii and dated a boy named caleb. then she moved home and dated a boy named jay. then she turned in her mission papers. got her call to new hampshire. in the very ward we are serving is caleb's family. his dad is in fact, the ward mission leader!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaahahahahahha aacough caugh caugh ahahahhahaaaaaaaahahhahaha. luckily he is serving a mission right now, so we never see him. also jay's brother is in this ward!!! hahahaha! he is married and has 4 kids. they had us over for dinner this last week. oh. its just so funny. how could this happen to her?!?! hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh :):):)

i have one hour for computer time which includes writing to the president (of the mission, not of the states! gosh.) reading emails, and typing back. today we got extra time though because we were having problems with the web address. so . yeah.

fotis is a trooper. as long as he is happy, i am at peace with him. i think i tried to look into soft sinking salmon pellets but for a reason i cant remember i was unsuccessful. make sure you look up what kind of food is good and bad for axolotls. i am sure you have. but i just want to make sure! i read stuff that said stuff about protein and fat content and all that stuff. sigh. thank you so much for being so kind to him and being so patient with him. i hope milo still finds his way into my room from time to time and gets a handful of nerds. bum too. i know they like that stuff.

it was cold last week but this week wasnt too bad. it has been raining and stuff. i love my coat a lot. i wear my underarmour e'rry morn when we go out to exercise. it is great! it has not been cold enough to wear boots or underarmour during the day. i am sure they will be wonderful. i love the hats you made for me. they are thee best. my companion loves them too. they are warm, dont mess up your hair, dont allow any breezes in. ah. the list goes on. we both love them. my companion is so great. she works hard, but we still find time to laugh :)

dont miss me too much :) i love you! i really do!

love, sister lani buxton

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