Monday, December 10, 2012

hey dad!

hahaha thank you for making me laugh while reading your letter!
me and my companion laugh every day, we have so much fun! it is nice to get the stress out that way.

thank you for being supportive of me while i am doing this. i cant imagine being mom with such little support out here. i love getting letters! it builds me up! my mission president really is great! he is so sincere and kind and just.. THE BEST!  unfortunately, he will be gone after 6 more months. our ward is.. potentially big but not everyone comes. we have a lot of less actives. it is frustrating. it is a lot like home though. like you said, the songs are the same. for the last two years i have been constantly changing wards and bishops and all that, so i dont feel out of place here.

this week was good though! last week we met a man named david ryan. he just happened to knock on his door. he told us we could come back but not to get our hopes up because he doesnt want to go to church  and all that. well we went back and talked to him for like 2 hours on saturday. he went on and on trying to let us know that he has different beliefs, but he was unsuccessful because his beliefs are that being spiritual is a very personal experience between him, god, christ and the spirit. he told us that god communicates with him through the spirit. told us that he doesnt like the robes and the ropes and the riches that people get when they are of a high rank in a religion. said he doesnt want to rely on other people for guidance. well guess what buddy? sounds like you are practically an ideal mormon! hahaha so he agreed to read the b.o.m. and ask god if it is true. we were sad when he didnt want to schedule a return appointment, but i hope he calls us when he realizes that  the baptismal font awaits him. :) eh eh eh.

but the mission is good dad! i am loving it so far! love you pops!
love, your horrible daughter, sister lani buxton

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