Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - First P-Day in the MTC

hello all! my first time on a computer for a while! it is strange to touch anything electronic besides light switches and key card machines.

thank you for the letters and the love and package and everything. did you know that the howards sent me 24 krispy kreams?!? i am going to share them with my district tonight, and they dont even know! it will be such a krispy surprise! i hope they like doughnuts. i cant believe they did that for me. they are so sweet. tell them i was completely surprised and very thankful. i ate one this morning because we didnt get breakfast because it was temple morning for us and there was no time. so it was perfectly timed.

i hope your retinas are ok, i hope you havent been checking your email nonstop for days. as you might know by now, wednesday is pday for me. it has been great so far. we went to the temple which was wonderful. i took a nap. and me and my companion got chips and salsa! we are in the laundry room right now waiting for our clothes to dry. laundry is so cheap! i am so happy to be where i am! i love the mtc. i love that i have been called of god! i love that i am learning so much with people that are here for the same reason! it is so amazing to be here. our district will be in our classroom and we will all be silly and talkative and fun and then right exactly when it is time for personal study, everyone is quiet and goes right to work reading PMG and their scriptures. well that is what happens most of the time. sometimes we just cant calm down and focus, but usually that is when we are talking about how exciting it was so teach our "investigators"!! haha.

yesterday me and sister korman (my companion) had an "investigator". he was from chile. he was catholic. his accent was very heavy. he was probs in his 40's. we started talking to him hoping that we would help him feel the spirit and all that. but after a while he just started talking and talking and telling us stories. he told us about how much faith he has in jesus christ and god. he told us how god answers prayers and loves him so much. he told us how he prays countless times every day thanking god for his beautiful sons and all his blessings. by the end of the "lesson" he had tears in his eyes, s. korman was crying and the spirit was SO STRONG! i was so happy! i told him that he just told us exactly what our message is all about! i told him he was ready for heaven! hahaha we were all laughing and we were all so happy! we did not teach him anything! he taught US! i love him! i know he is a volunteer here but he taught me so much and helped me to feel the spirit. it was so wonderful!

being at the mtc has been very good for me though. it is hard to wake up so early every morning. class is fun, the only thing that is difficult is sitting through class for such a long time day after day. but we learn great things and i am thankful for it, at first it was hard to understand rules but i learned something very quickly. obeying rules is one way to show faith and because i am showing faith, the spirit has a much easier time getting to me. i am much more in tune with the spirit and with jesus christ. i always heard before that if i keep rules as a missionary, i will be more happy and more successful. i said yeah ok i will keep the rules but i never understood why i would be happier or more successful. but i have learned that it isnt keeping the rules that will keep me happy and successful. it is showing faith by obedience that keeps the spirit closer to me, which brings happiness. i love heavenly father and jesus christ so much. they have blessed me with so much happiness. this last week i have been able to focus so much and i have been so emotionally strong. i know it is a gift from christ and i am so thankful for it. 

how is everyone at home? how are all you guys? i want to know all about everything! i love you all so much! thank you for the support and love.

i will talk to you soon!

much love,
your missionary,
sister lani buxton!!

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