Monday, December 17, 2012

i read the letter from your friend’s friend’s son who happens to be my district leader, elder hatch. i was so confused!!!!! hahaha then i remembered that story you read me from some friend of a friend or whatever. about the boy with the brother that died and is serving in my mission. so the next day at district meeting i asked my district leader if the elder from the story was him. he confirmed that indeed it was. i was so humbled. i just started crying. it was kinda embarrassing but i just suddenly had so much respect for him. it was crazy. ah! i cant believe that elder you told me about is my leader! he is such a sweet guy. the other day we got a voice mail from him and his companion. it had to be like 2 or 3 minutes long. his companion, elder cordova, was doing all the talking. but in the background, for the whole entire message was elder hatch singing "gloo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooo-ria." from the song angels we have heard on high. over and over and over and over! hahaha it was so funny! he is a sweet kid.

we are about to go candlestick bowling with our district (whatever that is). which will probs be fun, but that means i might not get to write you a letter this week. sorry if i dont. 

our address is manchester but we live at the edge of the wilderness. we go to the forest every morning to exercise and such. when i go to the forest its mostly just walking around and that kind of stuff. we have to start exercising in our apartment because snow is here.

we have one investigator with a.... baptismal date!! so exciting! i hope she follows through.

a cop interrogated us for being burglars the other day. we ended up giving him a card! hahaha it was very funny. he thought we were really cool.

i am sorry i am pretty much out of time but i just want to tell you thank you and i love you! talk to you soon!

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