December 31, 2012 - New Year's Eve

hi bob!!
thank you for the email! it is great to hear from you. i can always hear your voice in your letters and email, which is a treat, a real treat :)

talking to you was a blast! i dont know if you could tell but i cried! i cried when i heard your voice and everyone else and i cried a little more when we had to say goodbye! i really do love you! thank you for making the phone call so much fun! i enjoyed it and it was just how i was expecting, which was cool.

so for new years we have to be in at 8:00. not so that we can get our party set up or make sure we have enough tooters or pans to bang on, but to avoid the drunkards of the night! on new years day we will be treating it like any other regular day! it is cool that missionary life is becoming normal for me. erry once in a while someone will make a comment on how we bring the spirit. sometimes i just forget that i can do that! it is just so normal for me now! it is so exciting!

thank you also for taking care of fotis! you do so much for him and for me! i am glad you are making sure he is happy. he is cool. thank you for being so thoughtful of me! its good that you still care about me.

so this week something really cool happened. but first let me take you back to my first day out doing missionary work in new hampshire. we met a lady on the street as she was going to her apartment. her name was angela. she seemed interested and had read the bom randomly as a girl. she liked us but said she was just too busy to plan on meeting with us again. well we have tried to stop by just to say hi to her since then. finally this last week we got to! she was so happy to see us! she even gave us hugs! we planned on meeting again for just a couple days later! so when we went to see her, we brought with us a member from the ward who just got baptized last april! first off, angela has AMAZING faith. she trusts god so much and she totally understands doing good even if people are mean. she understands agency and trials so well. she even teared up! secondly, angela and the member connected so much! they both have kids that are similar in age, the both have jobs, crazy schedules, they even have the same on line school! they both grew up southern baptist! they were so happy to have such similarities. third, angela totally understands what it would mean for her specifically if the bom is the word of god. oh she is so prepared! the baptismal font awaits her! she is a miracle! i am so excited to meet with her again. it will be a blast!

our investigator with a baptismal date is getting the fiery darts of hell thrown at her. or at least lawn darts of hell. life keeps interfering with appointments, she got sick so she couldnt come to church! ah! its sad to see. but she has faith and i think it will all work out soon. she is a great invetigator. she is really smart and wants to follow the lords plan, not anyone else's!

i must go! i love you! thank you!
sister lani buxton

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