June 24, 2013

oh bob!
when i didnt have an email from you last week, my first, final and only thought was "poor mom, she is going to think i think he forgot me. but really i know she will probs send the email bout when i get off. she wouldnt neglect me, even over the internet!"

i love the stories. i cant believe my nephews are now 9 months (right?) 2 years and 3 years. i really hope they still remember me! at least a little bit!
those nephews sure sound cute! i love them!!

this week has been rather eventful for me. so i told you i was being transferred to be in a regular, non training companionship with a sister who has already been in the area that i was going to. right? yeah. thats what i was told. so off s cloward and i go to the transfer meeting. when they get around to announcing where everyone is going and who is training who, they always announce all the trainers and trainees first. the chapel was packed! half way through the announcement of trainers and such, president calls my name, asks me to come up. i was confused. i was not training... they didnt tell me i was training.. they didnt ask me to go to the trainers meeting.. they didnt give me a training packet.. so i say "do you want me to come up there?" he says "yes". then his assistants pull on his sleeve and start whispering to him and pointing to papers and all that. everyone was looking around and i was confused and nervous. then after some heart pounding moments, he tells me "oh ok sister buxton you will be sister herricks companion." then tells me i am opening a new area- canterbury 2. on my. this was definitely news for me. so turns out i am opening a new area and finishing the second half of training for sister herrick, who is a visa waiter for brazil. so i am training! upon further investigation and talking to the elders who are splitting the area with us, it is more like we are shotgunning an area. so.. call it what you will. also. during lunch at transfer meeting, president wilkey whisks me and s herrick into a room and sits us down. he then proceeds to tell me that on july 1st we will be receiving another sister into the mission. her name is sister mayle. i will be training her, also.

side note- i dont know if you have heard about a boy who was hiking and fell off a cliff. i think it happened in provo canyon and this was like.. a couple weeks ago. he was missing for a few days and then they found his body. pretty heart breaking. well. sister mayle is his sister. she is coming out late because they found his body the day she went in to the mtc, so the poor girl went home for the funeral and all that kind of stuff. so. this poor sister is going to have to be trained by me. and be in a trio.

oh. also i am a sister training leader again. this time over 3 companionships. this means i will need to plan and go on 6 exchanges this transfer. needless to say, i have been relying heavily on the lord this week. it has been scary, but fun. it is definitely helping me build my faith. and hey, i have had a pretty easy life, so i spose its bout time heavenly father asks me to do something that i cant figure out how to do logically figure out. dear impossible, here i come!!

also this week i was granted my third brand-spankin new car! wow! this one also had less than 50 miles on it. 

this week has been such a treat. this ward is so happy to have us and we are happy to be here. sister herrick is an awesome sister and it is inspiring to see how much her heart is in the work, even though she could be leaving at any point to go to brazil. oh, before i forget, so that you can face book stalk them, their names are whitney herrick and haley mayle. or haily. i dont know. i havent met her yet.
also my address is

21 park street
boscawin, nh

on our first day in our lovely area (it truly is beautiful!) we met a man named jaimy. he rocks! we talked to him a couple days later. that night he was working on his motorcycle with his super old, tattooed, long haired, sleeveless friend named snake. he was SO cool :) we had a wonderful chat, prayer and snake committed to read out of the bom. also jaimy invited us to his daughters wedding. we went and boy was it wonderful! . it was outside. the colors were white and yellow. sunflowers were everywhere and after the bride's maids and all them walked down the flower-petalled walk way, we all heard an engine start up and rev. then down the walk way came jaimy with his lovely daughter on the very motorcycle he was working on when we talked to him a couple days prior. oh it was co grand. everything was so cute and fun and happy. me, s herrick and jaimy all cried during it. what fun :)

well i have to get off soon, but i will have you know that this area is wonderful, i have had so many wonderful experiences in this short week, and the lord has been here for me the whole time. i love you and i thank you so much for your love and support and kindness. thank you so much family! i love you all! oh! please please please pray for sister mayle. i cant tell you much about her, but i love her so much and i am worried about her. 
i love you!

love, sister WANAY!! (buxton)

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