July 8, 2013

well hello!
thank you of course for the email, it put a smile on my face for the whole duration of my reading. i love the stories and i can just picture lunk growling on your lap while you take pictures of the racoons. MAN i want to see them! do you remember that they are one of my favorite animals? ah! so great! i wish you could tame them and then all could be happy and friendly. how do the outside kitties like them? i hope they keep their distance.

i am so happy that my bum went to efy. i hope he had a lovely time. efy  is always good :) 
and bob i cant tell you how happy it made me to read about you being a regular on good things utah!! mom!!!!!! this (not specifically) has been something i have been praying for. isnt it amazing the way the lord answers prayers? i am just so happy for you! ah!! is that the same place i went with you before my mission and we saw franie muniz? dont know if thats how he spells his name..

so yes, s herrick is still my companion. did i tell you she was in a trio last transfer also? (her first transfer as a missionary) so she was already used to it. but it has been good. you wouldnt believe how amazing s mayle is. i have never known anyone who understands the atonement so well, or someone who has applied it so well. she has opportunities quite often to empathize with people because of the loss of their loved ones. she doesnt keep it back. she always uses her story as a way to connect with people when it is necessary. and you know what? she also never cries!! i dont get it. she just talks about it! it is rather inspiring, really. she is so great. she invited someone to be baptized on her first day (while i was in the  meeting hahaha) and she participated in a lesson that evening with me and i didnt even have to push her and poke her. i didnt even have to threaten her with sleeping outside! it was great. but anyway, s herrick still doesnt know when she will be leaving or anything like that. although, a few weeks ago she wrote on her calendar that she would get her visa today, so we will have to check the mail when we go home after emailing. :) i hope she gets it, but i also really enjoy being her companion. she is a wonderful sister. it is wonderful to see how dedicated she is even though she could be leaving at any point.

this week was fun though. we got to meet up with s mayle on tuesday evening. she was cute and happy and she told parker christensen hi for me :) what a blast. before we met her i would always say to s herrick- "i want to see s mayle. i wonder what she looks like." and her response was always "yellow". well guess who was wearing yellow on tuesday!!!! hahaha it must have been revelation or something because s mayle was indeed wearing it. haha :)

side note- the only cd we had before s mayle got here was book of mormon scripture mastery, and she brought some cds so it has been fun to listen to her cds. BUT. while i was at the meeting on tuesday our new mission president (who reminds me quite a bit of uncle brent) basically told us that the new music policy will soon be simply what is stated in the white handbook which is much more free than what i have had for the last little while. so that will be cool :) i hope he implies that soon. 

there hav been some pretty sad events with some of our other investigators. ray is in the hospital. they dont know what is wrong with him. we found him by a miracle and he was rather surprised to see us walk in to his room. he sure is a sweetie- he let us read to him while he sat in his cute little hospital gown. 
i have told you about terrence wigglesworth right? well he rocks. there is a sweet view of big fireworks from the church property, so we invited him to go to it. when we met up, he had brought his friend "rilla ron" the rapper. we had met him a time or two. they brought their music and terrence had his superman cape. it was so good to see them and to talk with them while on church property. a member of the ward we have been teaching was there, too. his name is george sartorelli. he has to be one of the coolest old men out there. turns out he is friends with terrence and rilla ron!! it was so much fun! all six of us went on a short church tour and had a good time with it, too. i even got to play a little basketball with them in the cultural hall. they had fun and so did we :) bro sartorelli agreed to take them both to church on sunday, too! sunday came and bro sartorelli was there, but not terrence or rilla ron. it was a little disappointing. later that day we walked over to their house. terrence and his friends were outside an they politely came up to us and shook our hands, but something was wrong. everything was different. i asked him what was wrong. he told us that rilla ron had gone the way of all the earth. he drowned in the river that weekend. it was so heartbreaking. we tried to comfort them a little bit. i think the best thing we can to at this point is to not forget about them and also we are going to try to organize a service for them. his family lives in ny, so they will probs have the funeral there, but we want to have a little service for the friends that live here. i have ever done that before, but it will be good. sure is sad though.

bittersweet news- we have an investigator named ron, who i hope i told you about last week because he is amazing. s herrick found him while street contacting. he wants to change his life and be a better person. he said he feels like god is calling him back. he wants to quit drinking and smoking. ok so the news is that he cancelled our appointment this week. the sweet part of it is that he cancelled because he was on day 3 of being sober, which is the worst with withdrawals. wow!! i am just so proud of him!! gosh :)

thank you again for everything. sorry this email was a little heavy, but i hope you know i am still happy and everything is good over here! i love you!!

love, sister wanay buxton

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