July 15, 2013

man oh man are you funny!! your email today was crackin me up so bad! i love telling people about you. my comps always say things like "your mom sounds cool" and "your mom sounds funny" well she is! haha! thank you for always telling me funny stories. i am sure a missionary's sense of humor gets more and more sensitive as time goes on, but lets be honest, in never took too much to get me going anyway. the other day we were talking to an investigator outside when SOMEONE let out a huge FART! all of us heard it besides the investigator, so i felt really bad as i was basically crying because i was unsuccessfully holding back laughter. gosh it was hilarious. i was still laughing about it hours later. it was just so funny!!

ok. big big news that i am pretty sure i forgot to tell you! man its embarrassing that i forgot. ok. ok. so as of this last transfer (yes a month ago) sister cloward and sister berg are COMPANIONS! can you believe that? and sister caffall is their sister training leader! man it is so cool. i just love it. i hope they all have funny stories about me that they can entertain each other with. hopefully nothing too embarrassing. and i hope they all love me! but gosh its just so good that they are companions. so funny!

so ron- we had another lesson with him and he was so so sad that he relapsed. he was so ice to us and we brought a member with us that was able to help him out so much and relate to him big time. at one point, the member was talking and ron just cut him off and asked "will you take me to church on sunday?" oh it was great :) he really wants to come! he didnt end up coming this week though because he quit drinking again! he told us that after we left he didnt drink and he is going for it! so my main point is that he didnt come to church because he will be going through the withdrawals again and also he will be on medication for that business. but we are so proud of him and he so sincerely wants to stop. s mayle committed him to pray and he told us that he has been and that he feels lots and lots better. oh it just warms my heart. he is a great man, soon to be even better.

so rilla ron- not really any news, just that his friends are really happy to have the memorial service. they still need to pick a day and all that, but they are really happy about it.
yes i am still in a trio. poor s herrick is still in the dark with her visa. i hope she gets it soon. she has been very patient, but i dont know how much longer she will be patient. but it is good. this week we got to milk a cow! the woman that owns the cow and the farm is from brazil, so they got to talk a little bit in portuguese, so i think that made s herrick happy.

with music, p wilkey's music policy was that we could only listen to music that was by lds artists and also it had to be predominantly hymns. i only had like one or two albums on my ipod that fit that. but its ok, i sent it to dave a while back because i know he has a pretty nice library that fits under that category. so i have not been musicless. but i think the new president is going to change the policy to be just what the white handbook says and no other restrictions.

oh there is a couple in my ward and they wanted me to tell you "thank you" from them. their names are the tinkers.

oh man one more story. we got two new investigators this week. lexi, who is 13 and her mom bonnie. they are so cute and sweet. they are very spiritually aware and kind. we taught them this week about being daughters of god and what god is like. we shared experiences with how the gospel blesses families. they are so cute! at the end of the lesson, we were asking lexi what she likes to go by. she was pretty whatever about it. then we offered to call her sister lexi. oh she lit up and nodded her head! we are so happy to have sister lexi and bonnie in our lives!

thank you again for all the love! i have one random request. can you send me a small dictionary? i just want one is all. also. i really want more rhuberry jam. i had to leave the other one in augusta. :) please and thank you. these things can just be early birthday presents. i love you family!

hey when is erin going to have her baby anyway?
have a lovely week :)

love, sister lani buxton

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