July 1, 2013

hey family!!!
sure is a fun time for all eh? eh eh??
sure is :)
thank you for the email, sure is nice to hear from you.

it really is a small world with the whole sister mayle and parker and all that. its fun. sister mayle got to nh at about 3:30 today but i wont get to see her until tomorrow morning when i will go to a meeting and she will get to spend the day in beford (my baby!!!!!) with sister herrick, the bedford sisters and another sister. yea. have you ever heard of 5 sisters being in a companionship for the day? i sure havent!! hahaha
sure is a blast. you say i have been prepared for her... oh i sure hope so. i truly truly hope so. i hope i am not just another trial for her in this trying time for her.

this week has been another great one. we are finding people to teach! we went on an exchange on tuesday. it was sister herrick's first time being senior companion. she was worried sick! but i knew it would be fine. while i was away, she found an amazing man who has been looking for religion and he wants to change his life! he doesnt want to just confess sins and then go do it again. he wants to change and he wants it to mean something. he told us that he feels the lord is calling him back. when we went back to teach him we taught the restoration together for the first time. it was amazing! sister herrick recited the first vision for the first time to a real person! oh she was amazing. and i was so quickened by the spirit! it was so wonderful to teach a preach my gospel lesson again. i havent taught the restoration since i was in bedford. so that was a truly delightful hour for me. at the end of the lesson, we asked him to pray about the bom to see if it is true. he explained that he felt he didnt need to because he believes it! wow it was great!!  after we taught him we met a boy on the street. his name is terrence wigglesworth. he sure is great. he seems to be a guy of his word. he happily accepted a bom and he said he is going to meditate about it.

the ward here is also fantastic! the bishop is such a sweet, humble, amazing man. i cant tell you how relieved and thankful i am to be serving to close to him and also our ward mission leader. this ward knocks me off my feet with their generosity and kindness. the lord is definitely answering our prayers though them. they have no idea how influential they are to us and also to the work
this week, on another exchange, i was humbled by one of the sister missionaries. she has found out since coming on her mission that she has a.d.d., anxiety and depression. i think it might be rooted in her childhood. the way her parents treated her sure made me thankful for you, mom and dad. thank you for bringing me up right and building my confidence. i sure love you and am thankful for you. it seems like there are a lot of sisters who have health problems-mental and physical. why does that happen? i just dont get it.

thank you very much for the prayers. they are definitely reaching me and i am sure they are reaching sister mayle. please keep praying for her. i am sure she will need the strength that comes from others prayers.
i love you all very much. keep telling me about home :) i always love hearing it!

with lots of love, sister lani buxton!

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