September 23, 2013

bob and friends,

thank you thank you :) of course i enjoyed the email and such. i am happy that erin is finally going to pop! i hope everything goes... lively..

i wish i could take her a chocolate shake or something. i would watch the kids n stuff.

i am so happy for jade as well! what a lovely lady, giving her farewell and going off on a mission. i cant believe thats what i was getting ready to do this time last year. i even knew where i was going this time last year! there is so much mission, mtc, rm ing happening these days. its crazy that i am that age goup. sheesh. 

oh also, i am so glad you got to meet brendan ewell! he is a great guy. how do people always know you are my mom? not that there is anything wrong with that! (eh eh eh)

well this week was a lovely one. people are listening, miracles are happening, laughter is spilling, its great.
s mayle and i are so happy as people and as companions these days. we are doing great these days. 

this week we went up to salisbury, which is a place we havent been able to do much work in. in our records, there was a woman who had requested a bible from the church website 3 years ago, and when the elders went to deliver it, they noted that she was not interested anymore. well we decided to go :) salisbury is not tiny, but it is not heavily populated. i dont think there is a single restaurant out there. this house was out in the woods. as we were walking up the long driveway to the house, we noticed that there was a stack of furniture about 7 feet high that had been dumped on the front lawn. i didnt see any cars.. we almost turned around because it looked as though no one would be inside. well we went anyway. you never know, ya know. and i have already learned my lesson on assuming no one is home. the french doors on the front of the house were wide open. looking inside, it didnt seem like anyone was really living there. but we yelled "knock knock!" sure enough we heard a woman start talking and a dog started barking. a huge... mastiff mix? came bounding out the door and onto us. it was great fun :) luckily bhuda (spelling?) the dog knew we were instant best friends, so he just wanted hugs. the woman then came to the door. she had rubber gloves on and a medical mask it wasnt the woman we were looking for, but she was still nice. she explained that there was a family renting there. they trashed it, didnt pay rent and left. the damage was pretty extensive. it is costing them $25,000 to fix it. they had to rip out all the carpet and the stuff underneath the carpet and they bug bombed the house 4 times. all the furniture is unusable. and let me tell you, this was a beautiful house! colonial style, lots of windows, chandeliers, pretty wallpaper, all that stuff. so i dont know how this woman got in the situation, but she is just helping clean up because she felt bad for the actual owners. we immediately asked if we could help. she was surprised, but she readily accepted. we changed into our service clothes (thank goodness we had them in the trunk) and went to work for the rest of the afternoon. it was such a delight! we were able to help with what we could and it was a treat to talk with her. she comes from a pretty rough family, but she has somehow known from an early age to be honest and obey the laws of the land. i am just dazzled by that woman. she was so kind to us. she just couldnt get over the fact that we were helping her. she kept on saying that were were a "god send". (i love it when people say stuff like that!) by the end of our stay, we were able to share the message of the restoration with her and she happily accepted the book of mormon and said she would read it and pray about it. we get to go back and see her this wednesday. i am so happy to go back :) can i just tell you how great it is to work for the lord? i am so happy that he is guiding s mayle and i as we are out here. i know we need his help and i also know that everyone out here needs his divine help as well. it makes me so happy that she wants to read it because i know it will bring goodness into her life. she puts so much good into the world, it is time for her to receive some more good from her heavenly father. i love it when i get to see the way the lord cares about his people down here on the planet earth. it is such a blessing to be here, isnt it?

oh man, speaking of earth. the leaves are starting to change around here. it is lovely! i have been hearing about the fall out here since i first got my call. i am finally going to witness it! oh boy i am stoked :)

thank you for sending pictures of baby niece! i talk about her (and the rest of you beasts) all the time. i cant wait to see pictures of her, and of my bloody brothers as well! thank you thank you :)

i love you family!

love, sister aunt wanay x4 buxton :)

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