September 16, 2013

hello dear family!
thank you for everything, the positive words and encouragement are much appreciated. :) great job on the whole freezing a bunch of stuff thing. i am so glad you got to talk to steve westover. he is the one that always called me "lanican skywalker". we got to talk a little bit when i went to get my stake president interview. it sure was a joy. that guy is great. i hope he is happy these days.

so. the whole normal companionship thing rocks. s mayle talks way more, is much sillier, we get things done faster now, we are both happier, it is just great. 3 is just no good when it comes to missionaries.

so last monday, we were teaching a woman named kathy and a man named jeff. kathy has lots of questions about god and the gospel and all that. i have only seen jeff a few times, but he is sweet and sincere. half way though the lesson, jeff chimes in and starts teaching her! he bore his testimony about the book of mormon. he laid down the law and told her she has to read it every day so that god can answer her prayers. i didnt even know he had a testimony of the book of mormon. but he does! he told us about his prayers being answered after straying from the lord for years and that the book of mormon can change you and help you come out of a slump of a bad day. it was wonderful. the whole time he was talking, i kept thinking "why hasnt he told us all this? he wants to be a member! he really does!" so when there was a pause in the conversation, i stopped him and asked "when do you want to be baptized?" i dont think anyone had ever invited him to be baptized before. he thought for a minute and then decided that november 3rd was the day he wants to work towards. ah! it was grand. i really hope he remembers that lesson we had with him and that he really commits himself to this. i know he wants it and needs it. i know this will be huge for him, and i also know he has a lot of potential to influence a lot of other people around him. he is such a champ!

ok do you remember sister creed? she was the one that made sure i had a birthday party and cake and all that. well she did the same for sister mayle the next week for her birthday. on sunday we told her that s herrick was leaving us. she was so sad. she just kept on saying "no! no! please come over one more time! just one more time! no! when can you come over?! please!" oh it was adorable. i just knew she had something brewing in her mind. so we went over again the next night. we sat down for a few minutes and what do you know! she snuck away for a minute and came back with a lovely personalized cake with 21 candles on it. we sung to s herrick. and had a lovely time. hahahaha s creed just wanted to badly to make sure we all got a good birthday, even though s herricks isnt until february. hahahaha oh it was cute. you had better believe it was cute. oh my :)

on sunday we went to a quaker church meeting with our friends ginny and mark barker. it was a great time. they were all kind and friendly. their meeting was like testimony meeting, but with much more silence. it was interesting. at the end, we all held hands for a minute. then they passed the mic around for everyone to introduce themselves and share something if they wanted to. when it came to me i said my name and then i told them that something that has been on my mind recently is that when we truly trust the lord, that is when he can trust us, whether it is with information, opportunities, or even feelings. i left it at that. but really. that has been on my mind a lot recently. i think a lot of blessings and opportunities are available to us under the condition that we first trust the lord. why would he trust us with something we were going to misuse or neglect? when we really allow him to be our guides, and we truly trust his will, he then steps in and makes life great because he can trust us with his plans. but it is all up to us. he is trustworthy no matter what. are we trustworthy to him? i need to think about that idea a little more and then maybe someday i can write it out or say it in a more eloquent way. but for now, i hope you can understand what i am trying to explain. 

i gotta go. i love you lots! stay righteous!

love, sister buxton :)

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