October 7, 2013

well hey!

i was SO HAPPY to see baby ray-gun!! i love my little guns! thank you thank you!

man, what a wonderful week! i just love ... being alive! this morning i read that i jumped for joy at the opportunity to come to earth and receive a body. i totally believe that! being alive is just so good!

did you watch conference? ah! it blew me away. i have always loved conference, but has it always been this good? i dont remember the talks ever being quite so bold and awesome! i thought they usually just saved the singeing of the eyebrows for priesthood session, but we got a little bit of it! i loved it! last night i felt like i was half way to heaven. i just feel so good! so stoked to do this work! i feel like prayers are waiting to be answered and i am responsible for the answer. i want to do whatever the lord needs me to do and be wherever he needs me to be and answer whatever prayer he needs me to answer. i am just so happy to be doing this work!

so remember anthony? he is the one with the cool word of wisdom lesson. this week we went to visit him and right away he sat us down and started telling us about some information he read online. it seemed valid and he did a bunch of research, and sadly it was swaying him to not believe in jesus as the savior of the world. it was really sad. we let him talk and allowed him to really say what was going on in his mind. i dont know how sister mayle was feeling, but i felt calm. i wasnt worried. it was sad that he was going though this and i am really disappointed that someone else would sway someone (and many others) to not believe, but i wasnt worried about anthony. luckily we had a member named brother merchant with us that day and he actually f\came across some anti the other day that he brought to us. he wasnt worried and he wa confident that it could be explained because he has a testimony. so i asked him to share his experience with anthony. he did and it was good, but anthony wasnt seeing how it applied to him. so i asked anthony- "right now, for you personally, is jesus christ your savior?" he looked right at me and said "yes" "why?" he responded-"because it feels right. i feel it" as he put his hand on his chest. i asked him how he felt when he was researching the things he was talking about. he said "confused and betrayed." we then helped him understand what the holy spirit was confirming to him. we used the scriptures and the holy spirit to know how we needed to talk and what we needed to say. by the end of the lesson, he was back on track and feeling secure again. it was so good to see him go from worry and feeling lost to feeling enlightened and relieved. that man is so great. he is going to do some wonderful things for himself and for his family. when it got to that point he started asking us if he could friend us on facebook just incase we left and he had another concern after we were gone. he said he feels comfortable coming to us because we dont freak out at him and make him feel bad for his questions. he told us that we always find a way to bring it back and help him find his way out of the woods. i was so happy! happy that it happened, and also happy for the compliment. dad, that is how you always helped me to feel. thank you so much! i blame you and the spirit for helping him to feel safe the way you always helped me to feel safe. thank you so much!

hey, did all of you listen to the talk about the 3 things you can do to be a member missionary? it was by elder nelson. if you did, then do the 3 things! if you didnt, then listen and then do them! i love you all! thank you so much for everything! i hope everyone is happy! i hope the baby is doing well and that erin is recovering! i love you!!

love, sister aunt wanay buxton!!

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