December 9, 2013


My new address is

14 a pearl st.
scarborough, maine


the living nativity you went to sounds so cool. i have never heard of such a thing until you.

so i am living in a beach house. think i am kidding? i wouldnt be surprised if you thought i was. i am still totally shocked. we live just up the street from the beach. we run on the beach in the morning. i listen to and watch the waves in the morning as the sun lights my face so that i can put on make up. wowie!!! can you believe it? i truly am so blessed!

my companion is named s beus. she is like our friend hillary. she even has the same singing voice!! oh it is wonderful and i love her so much. we have much in common and i am just so happy. her last companion was her trainer. i really love her and i hope i do things right with her.

the ward here is wonderful. i love it so much already and i know it will be a holly jolly christmas.

it is a pretty interesting area. there are a lot of african refugees here, so they fill a lot of the teaching pool of the other missionaries. our area was opened 4 months ago, and it is still in the.... tilling stage. it needs a lot of care at this point. but hey, it will be good and if we are obedient, we will see blessings. if we are striving for exact obedience, we will see miracles. so bring it on!

the lord has been so good to me. i can see that i am going to be doing a lot of growing this transfer. i am going to be an amazing missionary someday!!  the africans are really fun to be with. they are sweet and fun and silly and loving. if i can get enough sass and soul in my voice, i will be able to sing with one of them and s beus this weekend at the christmas party. i hope i can do it... then again, i am pretty dang white. 

 it really was sad to leave the old area. i love the people there and i loved being there. the good thing is that it wasnt a surprise and luckily the lord has asked me to be in this new area, so that softens the blow. but really, missionary work is the best.

bob! you know how i am always telling you that you need to meet s creed? ok. listen here. she did something you would do. so on sunday we were at s creeds house. i finally told her that i was being transferred. she flipped. she didnt want it to happen. she convinced us to come back the next day. when we went, she bought a tree so that we could help her and cynthia decorate it. when i walked in the door, she said "oh look! santa came!" she got a stocking for me and she loaded it good. she gave me to much good stuff. it was a joy and it was so sweet. well, i mean, santa did. it was so sweet. it was like you, bob.

well. i will write more next week. i love you all! i hope you got the boxes i sent home.
love you!!

love, sister lani buxton!

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