December 2, 2013


hello wonderful family!

so i am sending home 2 boxes this week. one is my stuff that i dont need as a missionary, but still want it. so sorry that one will be boring for you. but the other one should be fun for you. it is for the family so i hope you all like it.

ok. yes i got a transfer call.
yes i am being transferred.
in my mission they dont tell you where you are going until transfer meeting, which is on tuesday morning. 
that means i dont know where i am going.
they told me i am going to stay senior and stl.
they told me i am not opening a new area and that the companion i will have will have already been there.
considering last time, that might not be the case! haha nah it probs is.
my prediction is that i will go to exeter, new hampshire. that is where s caffall is, and she is going home this week :(
s mayle is staying and receiving a new companion.
s vanderhoef, who is a sister that i was over this last transfer, is the new sister training leader of the zone.

thanksgibbing was great! i got to see like 30 live, in the wild, happy turkeys on the thankful day, so i was happy.

i was with with many people i love. we went to 4 members homes, but luckily we only had one dinner, and the rest were dessert. so it was lovely. we really had lots of fun :)

i think i am "all set" with winter stuff. i am cool ya know? if i get sent to northern maine, i might change my mind, but i dont really know! we will see :) thank you for loving me and caring about me :)

i am so glad matt james hung out with sam! he really is a great friend. i tried to email him a few times on my mission, but i must have guessed the wrong address every time. tell him i say hi :)

the living nativity sounds great!

this week our friend kevin and his mom cheryl and kevins son connor took us to the joseph smith memorial to see the sights, which included a live nativity. it was real good :) i was so so SO happy that night! i loved being with those three and i loved being there. kevin and his family are so cool. i just want to take them home with me. they would love our family and they would be so happy.  i got to see some old missionary friends including sister berg!!!!! oh my goodness! it was so good! i was not expecting to see her there because i didnt know where she was serving. we screamed and hugged each other so tight and i cried. it was silly but so sweet and wonderful. ah. it was so grand. truly a top notch day. i love these people!

this week was a good one. it was sad to find out that i am leaving, really sad to tell everyone. this ward has been so good to me. i am glad i served here for so long. sigh.

hey did i ever tell you i met a scott buxton in this area? i saw a mailbox that said buxton so i stopped and talked to the guy. that was him. he wasnt too impressed that we were probs related and wasnt too interested, but he will get there eventually. :)

this morning s mayle and i were studying the sprit. we studied the holy ghost in the bible dictionary. it was wonderful, really. then we went to study "the light of christ" in the bible dictionary. as we were about to read it i thought to myself "ya know, the light of christ is great, but i still get it mixed up with the spirit sometimes and it seems like it would be a little easier if it was all just the spirit." then i thought "hey, sounds like you need to appreciate the light of christ a little more!" so i really studied and opened my heart and my mind. as we read it, it said the light of christ is "the law by which all things are governed" i thought that was great. it reminded me that einstein said something to the effect that there is something, some kind of force that is motivating all life to grow and to live. i cant remember the real quote but it was something like that. so i flipped to one of my favorite scriptures- d&c 88 41-45 as i read that, i noticed that it also said "he hath given a law unto all things, by which they move in their times and their seasons" wow! it hit me right then that this scripture is talking about what einstein said. i mean, i know i have a motivation to live. as in my gut drops when i almost get hit by a car or i feel like i am about to get hurt and i like to avoid things like starvation and hypothermia. but what about my reproducing cells? what about my liver? what about the glands that make my eyes wet so that my eyes dont dry up? what is motivating them? because i sure dont decide to make more white bood cells and digest my food. what about the plants outside? what about the photosynthesis? what is motivating them? its the light of christ! the light of christ "comprehendeth all things. and all things are before him and all things are round about him and he is above all things and in all things and is thought all things and is round about all things and all things are by him and of him even god, forever and ever" d&c 88:41. christ gave all living things a law to do what is needed for them to grow and for the earth to continue to have life on it. what is the light of christ? among other things, it is a law to LIVE! what are the commandments? they are laws to be happy and to live! to live not just right now, but to live eternally! when god gives commandments, he is commanding us to have eternal life! i love the gospel and i love living!!
in the name of jesus christ, i love all of you! amen!

gotta go! much love!
love, sister buxton

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