November 4, 2013

thank you of course! i always love the love! i appreciate it all!

sorry not too much excitement about the fall activity. i dont think anyone came from the 7th days. i could be wrong, but i dont think anyone came. but it was still good! i loved helping out, and i was s mayle for halloween! it was a great time. also, we have a christmas thing coming up in december, and i am going to be sure to try to get the 7th days to help out with it and all that. it will be good stuff :)  i do know that the pastor is a good guy though, and i hope he joins our church :)

so the ward council thing.. yeah!! it is soo amazing! this ward i am in is so great. on my mission i have seen both sides of ward council- the side where i am not allowed to go, and THIS side where we go erry time, and we also go to PEC, which is held on the sudnays that ward council is not held. so.. we go every week! (can you believe i go to PEC???)it is amazing. our bishop is so kind to us. he loves us, trusts us and brags about us. he is such an amazing example to me. i really appreciate him.

i love the idea of the service swap thing for rs. bob, you are so cool. when i work with the rs presidency  as i am out here, i think, ooh, i hope bob does that, (and occasionally, ooh, i hope bob never does that) haha :) i love thinking about you in the rs pres. you are so funny!!

my goodness the story about the shooting in la is scary. did you notice, that you didnt tell me the ENDING?!! gol-LY! i am on edge over here. you silly silly mom.

ok. ok. make sure you have recently used the bathroom.
so s creed and our new friend (named s haas) wanted to meet up again on friday. so on friday we went over to the home of the creed. s creed was there, s haas was there, and oh, wait,    wait,,,..      


another woman was there too! we all sat down, talked laughed, joked, all that good stuff. other woman was HILARIOUS! she was in her 70's, so sarcastic, blunt, kind, oh man. it was such a good combination. turns out.. she is a jw! i got to ask her so many questions i have been wanting to ask a real live jw. it was great. she asked us questions too. we had so much fun that night. plus s haas basically helped us teach the lesson. it was so cool!  then, they all agreed to meet up with us again! oh man!! so good!! ok. the story doesnt end there. on saturday night i turned to s mayle and i told her that we dont even know if s haas was invited to come to church on sunday. it was a little awkward to invite her on friday because the jw explained to us that she would get in big trouble if she came to our service. so we called up s creed and asked if she and s haas would be coming to church. she said probs not. we asked her to call s haas and invite her because we have no way to contact her. she hesitated, but agreed. bout 10 minutes later she calls back and says "the church roof is going to fall in tomorrow!!" i had no idea what she was talking about, but she was laughing, which made me laugh while i was trying to understand what on earth was going on. she then explained that she, s haas AND the woman that s creed takes care of were ALL coming to church!! ahh! i was so stoked! i couldnt believe it! oh it was just so good! and they did! they really all came!! so great!!
you should want to meed s creed. you would love her SO much. oh she is just amazing. and you should want to meet nicole. she is the one from the mad house that we helped clean. we still teach her. this last week was amazing. she told us that the book of mormon is her new "thing" her new "go to" because it helps her when she isnt feeling well. it calms her down and helps her make sense of things. she loves us so much and we really, really love her too. time goes by SO fast when we are with her. and bob, she is like you. she grew up in a really sad family situation and she decided to get away from it and become something better and not act like her parents. she is just so amazing. she would probs be your best friend if you lived close enough. she or s creed would be your best friend.

oh. the cd. i havent listened to it because s mayle has an ipod that we leave in the car to listen to and she actually has that album on her ipod. so we listen to it already so i didnt think to test out the cd! i will this week though. it is a good cd though. i like the byu mens chorus more than the men in the mo tab. but shh! :) thank you so much for the cd though. the new mish pres has the same rules as the old one. - has to be lds artist, has to be predominantly hymns. he doesnt care how we listen, like, ya know.. cds, ipods. its all good. both good!

ok can i just rant for a minute? i will keep it spiritual. ok thank you. 
so the whole lds women making a big stink about the priesthood. since i have been out they have done the whole purple pants thing because all women are forced to wear skirts and dresses.. (yup, its in the baptismal interview questions: "will you commit to wear a skirt or dress every sunday for the rest of your earthly years, no matter what?" ) PLEASE! so there was that silly thing, and then during conference they had to broadcast the priesthood session. why are the women doing this? it is so silly. i have been thinking about it and i had a very clear thought come to me a couple sundays ago. the only thing a man can do with the priesthood is bless other people's lives. there is no way he can use it for himself, he can only serve others with the priesthood. so if a woman wants the priesthood, why? what is the reason she would want the priesthood? all she would be able to do is bless others. does she think she cant already be a blessing to someone else? if she thinks she needs the priesthood, she needs to humble herself and realize the gifts, talents and abilities the lord has already trusted her with. we can always be a blessing to someone else, no matter how much we have or dont have. he has given everyone what they need.
thank you for letting me rant :)

something i have been doing recently is finding the blessings that the lord had promised to us, and finding my responsibility within the teachings of the gospel. i have found that there are a lot of responsibilities and a lot of blessings. i have noticed that the more responsibility i find even more blessings are shortly followed. it is amazing that the lord blesses us so much when we are already in debt. i love him and i am in debt to him, but its a god debt, the kind that keeps me humble! and we all know what humility does for us! (hint- ether 12:27)

thank you again! i love you!

love, sister lani buxton

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