November 18, 2013

dear people,

wowie!! what a story!! the story of the missionaries in the philippines... wow. it sounds so.. unreal. i cant imagine being them. yikes.

this week was pretty amazing for us. for pday we went to an outdoor adventure. s creed's daughter cynthia and her man tyler took us and the district to a nearby river and such. it was so much fun :) my district is so wonderful. we all love each other and we all get along. it is just top notch. :) and i love cynthia. she really reminds me of myself. that girl is just so cool :)

this week we went on exchanges. i stayed in my area and an amazing sister came to my area. oh i love her. during our dinner hour, she was looking at s mayles planner (because they traded for the day). as she looked, she asked me how we have so much going on in our area. i didnt know what to say to her. i dont feel like there is a secret to it or something special we are doing. i felt bad that i couldnt give her an answer. i have asked myself that plenty of times. why are we so blessed? how do we have so much going on? how do miracles just fall into our laps? enos 1:7. so since then i have been pondering quite a bit about it. this morning s mayle and i were studying together and we came across a lovely line in preach my gospel. we were reading together about the spirit. there was a section that explained that the lord, through the spirit, will help us, strengthen us, guide us, etc.. at the end of the paragraph it said that all he asks of us is to strive to be worthy, and to ask, seek and knock. when i read that i knew that was the answer to my question. i know i can be honest when i say s mayle and i are equally yoked, we both strive to be as obedient as we can (obedience), we always seek the spirit (ask), and we are diligent with what we can do. we work and work and work. (seek and knock). it is such a blessing to know that we really do what we can. we are not perfect and i know that heavenly father gets frustrated with us regularly, but we really are trying to be better and we are doing what we can. i know this is vital for missionary work, but also for life. if we arent worthy, asking, seeking and knocking, we just wont receive the blessings that could be ours. and if we arent being blessed, then we probs arent blessing those around us, and we arent on gods team anymore.

ok i am ready to tell you an amazing story from this week.
we visited a referral we got from church headquarters. we had called and set up an apt and we were pretty excited to go :) when we got there, it was a younger couple who had recently been married. they had prepared treats and snacks for us, and they even had what we call church clothes on. they sat us down, we said a prayer, they got their pen and note book and asked us questions they had already written down. it was amazing. they have been investigating independently for a while now and they referred themselves to us on they have a co worker that is a member and they have been very helpful. they are both so smart and happy together and very fast learners. we set up another apt for 2 days later and when we showed up, they fed us again! they had more questions and we had so much fun. the husband casually mentioned that he had "only read 30 pages since the last visit" what?! oh man :) he asked where he could find the word of wisdom. we showed him, he asked more questions and then admitted that they had both been living the word of wisdom for 2 months now. what??! oh man. they are an amazing couple. i am so thankful that the lord has been blessing them. they are truly blessed. i am also so thankful that heavenly father has allowed me to be a small part of their journey. being blessed is so good :) seeing others being blessed is even better :)

i love being here, i love the lord, i know he is real and he is a part of every person's life. i am thankful for all of you and i pray for you daily. i love you so much! thank you!!
talk to you next week :)

love, sister lani buxton

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