Monday, January 28, 2013


i went to my ward mission leaders home for our weekly meeting. there on his counter was a picture of mckenzi edwards. mind=blown. it was so weird. her picture is in the mission office and all over the place over here! it is so strange!!!!! her new husband was the AP before i got here.

so. on saturday morning sister caffall decided we would sing "theres sunshine in my soul" together. so we did. then we went and did missionary stuff. that day included a man talking AT US for over an hour about how evil our religion is. gosh. hopefully we can go teach his wife. she was sweet and calm. then we got chased by a ferocious dog. i ran in hopes of an invisible fence- they are popular out here. there wasnt one. luckily the dog didnt want to eat use once he was close enough to see the name tags :) it was a good day though :) we had a lot of fun. then when we came home, there was a box of sunshine on our porch!! amazing! thank you so much for the box of sunshine! it made both of us so happy! we are so thankful for it :) you truly are too generous and sweet. what inspired this? its wonderful! i cant thank you enough. it sure is good to know i am loved.

oh also. i did see a chiropractor from the ward i am serving in and he insisted that he did it for free. plus he spent like 40 minutes just smoothing out knots and sore muscles! he is a wonderful man!

we are teaching a girl named ryann. she is tristens wife. i cant remember if i told you about either of them. they are great though. have a lot of social anxiety. this week we made a deal with her that if we brought a member to the lesson this week and had the same member pick her up for church, she would come! wow! so exciting! i really hope she comes and brings her boy. her boy is the smart one with all the questions. he needs this so bad. he seems so sad when we see him. i think he is just confused and worried. its so sad. but it will change!

remember  angela? well she is now officially a new investigator, as qualified by preach my gospel. oh my heavens she is so faithful. i love that lady. i cant wait to teach her again. she always teaches us with her sweet spirit when we are over there.

jackie should still be getting baptized this weekend. she told us this week that she wants to be a missionary some day! wow!

i sure am loving this work. i think me and s caffall will only be together for 3 more weeks. transfers are coming and we are getting more sisters!

well i am sorry my letters are always short. i will respond to dad's via snail mail.

love sister lani buxton

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