Monday, January 14, 2013


 i am happy to hear about more and more mission calls! it is so great and crazy to hear about all of it! i hope more come! a mission is such a wonderful thing. i am so glad i am here! i wont get sick! you cant get sick either! i hope everything goes well with erin. 

jackie set her baptismal date for the 2nd of feb! we are so happy for her! she is an amazing girl. she is extremely receptive. she started going to seminary on her own accord and said she loves it so much. she sacrifices seeing her dad (her parents are divorced) so that she can go to church. she says no to hangin out with her friends so that we can come over and teach her. oh she is just an amazing girl. i really love her. 

we finally met with tristen's family! he is so cool! but it was so great. his wife is so sweet to us and wants to learn more. also his little boy named caleb was so sweet! he is like 9 years old and i think he is more interested than anyone. i taught him how to pray a few weeks ago while in their drive way and he just loved it. he is such a sweet and sincere boy. he was so worried when we were there. he couldnt stop asking us questions like "where did i come from? i know my mom and dad made me but where did I COME FROM?     .. what are we supposed to be doing here? what is it for?" all this kind of stuff. oh he was so sweet. i love that boy. that family is just amazing. 

so on friday night s caffall and i went upstairs in our apartment to retrieve some bedding. new england people have a habit of putting rubber on their stairs. these stairs have rubber which has been walked on so much that it is now completely smooth. on our way down, i spose i was just doing too many things at once; carrying my bedding, flossing my teeth, wearing extra soft socks.... and i fell down the stairs! so for the last few days i have not been able to do all the things i used to be able to do. sister caffall has to help me put on my boots as well as take them off. i cant retreive most things from the ground. its really a silly thing. hahahaha :)

but there is a chiropractor in the ward and he felt my spine and he says i should probs come in. i am so excited! i love the chiropractor! oh it will be such a sweet time. i have a bunch of money that people keep sending me, so no worries. i will be able to use that. my only hope is that my fall was funny so that s caffall could get a kick out of it. because if it wasnt funny, it wasnt worth it!

well. thank you for all your love! thank you for the letters! i loved the colored pencils you sent and all that stuff! thank you thank you! i love you a lot! 

love, sister buxton

ps, i love being called sister buxton! it is so great!

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