September 2, 2013

bob and fam,

thanks a bundle for everything! my 22nd was wonderful and perfect! a woman wanted to meet us at 10:00 at dunkin doughnuts, so we went and waited and my lovely companion sister herrick bought me my favorite one. :) then our friend craig wanted to meet up with us for lunch, so that was great. he brought popsicles for us. it was pretty sad, he has been reading a lot of anti, so he doesnt trust the book of mormon. but we bore our testimony and all that and tried to help him understand. by the end of the visit, he agreed to read the book of mormon, which was a pleasant surprise for us. he has a lot of faith in the bible and in the lord, i just pray that he will take council from the lord on this one instead of trying to give council to him. for dinner, sister creed, a less active member we have been working with had us over. i requested mashed potatoes with lentil soup on top. she did a wonderful job. after dinner, i used the bathroom. exciting eh? so when i came out, she was walking into the room with a beautiful personalized cake with 22 lit candles on it! then all 3 of them started singing to me. it was adorable! she even gave me a card and a gift. i love that woman so much. she really made me birthday special. :) she got a calling a couple weeks ago and i was able to sit in when they set her apart. that was the first time i have experienced that with a member i have been working with on my mission. it really was such a sweet moment. 

so back to you. i got the box the day before my birthday. i was so excited to open it. i woke up 5 minutes early so i could start into it. i really love it! thank you so much. i wore the skirt 2 days in a row and i am going to wear it again tomorrow. hahaha :) the cardigan is wonderful. i love it. oooh its so soft and lovely. the shoes i definitely love! wowie! and the shirt is even cool. i dont know how often i will wear it just because most of my skirts are patterned, so it gets a little crazy. but everything fits and i love it all. i am surprised with how perfect it all is. thank you so much! i really so appreciate it. i love you all :) thank you thank you thank you! and i will have you know i was legitimately surprised. i mean, i couldnt think of anything i wanted for my day, so you did a great job. just know this- i love it all!

tell erin that the consequences for not having the baby on my birthday is to either wait for me to get home, or to wait until my 23 birthday.

oh man oh man. a couple months ago, we met a man named devin outside a tattoo shop. it was great and all that. this week, we found him and his friends! it was so much fun to talk to them. we talked for like... i dont know. 40 minutes maybe. it was such a fun time. by the end of it, devin committed to read some of the book of mormon, and we are going to try to see him this week again. that guy was so cool. we talked about the tower of babel, native americans, all that cool stuff.

another cool story- a couple weeks ago, this guy called to us from across the street to talk to him. we go over there. he is totally wasted. it was so silly. he was out of it. he had a friend with him who explained to us that he worships the devil and all this silly business. he had 666 tattoed on the back of his neck. he told us he knew we were god's angels. i tried to share a scripture with him, but he ran away. he wouldnt touch us. wouldnt shake our hands. it was sad. i looked into his eyes and said "god remembers you, brother." this week we went to stop by a less active. the 666 guy was there!!! ah! he was trying to hide in place. he was so embarrassed. there were other people around and we had a great, but short gospel conversation. i got to read the scripture to him. at the end, he shook our hands :)

i love you!!!!!!

love, sister wanay buxton

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