Monday, March 11, 2013

bob and family,

isnt brother earnshaw the greatest? man. he makes me laugh erry time i see him. without fail. i am so happy that he went and visited you! i am sure it was a grand time with him. i was at his house saturday morning and he told me a bit about the visit and it sounded like a delight! i got to see pictures of you and that was really fun! i am so glad you got to meet him. what a treat!

jackie set another baptismal date. hahaha :) this time i think it might actually happen. we sat with her while she called people to get it all lined up within the family and all that jazz. she is so sweet. she really is eager to get baptized, she just doesnt see how other people's plans and the like can interfere. she is a sweety. i told her about you (bob) and she said she wants to meet you. maybe she will some day. that girl is wonderful.

carolina is doing a little better. she has just been so stressed recently but i think she is finding that working out and listening to the scriptures and the like are helping her lift her spirits and get her through these trying times.

we have been teaching a beautiful black family. actually mostly just the mom. her name is joyce. this sunday they finally made it to church for the first time! it was so grand. i think they all loved it. she has a baby named gloria, a 3 year old boy named matt, and a girl that is... 8? named nancy. matt has decided that my name is elizabeth and for some reason that kid just loves me! we laugh and laugh when we are around each other and he was beaming when we saw each other at church. i let him draw all over the pages of my planner, which i will cherish. when it was time to go to primary, he was scared and he fought it until i offered to take him. then he took my hand and was happy to go :) gosh. he definitely made my day. that family is so lovely. joyce is a definite truth seeker. i hope they continue to progress and love the scriptures. :)

why is being a missionary so great?? i just love it!

thank you for all that you do. i really love you! i cant tell you how excited i was to hear about you from my mission leader! i miss you ok? it just doesnt hurt the way i thought it would :)

please be happy my family!  ether 12:18

i love you!

love, sister lani buxton :) 

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