Monday, February 18, 2013

hi! :)
i am not getting transferred and neither is s caffall. we are here and together for at least another 6 weeks. this will be good. the transfer meeting is tomorrow (they are always on tuesdays. we get news if we are getting transferred on saturday nights.) and we will be going because they always want help and the church they meet at is like 3 miles away from our house. we have 4 sisters coming in this transfer and 2 of them get to spend the night at our place tonight. that will be great :)

i got the valentimes package :) it was such a pleasant surprise! thank you so much for that. i  havent made not spaghetti yet but i am so excited to! you are so sweet to do that for me (and for sister caffall). it is truly wonderful to have you as a bob. i cant thank you enough for the box of goods. :)

we did go see jeremy this week. hahaha :) we have an appointment to see him again on saturday. that is cool eh? i dont know what he is interested in but if it is my cute cardigans that gets him to understand the gospel, then so be it.

hey, my hair is growing. pretty cool eh?

oh bob bob bob. do you ever go onto its a cool place. there is a place you can go to watch videos of other people that are mormon. we watched one recently that i think you would really like. it is of a girl named lindsey sterling, i believe. apparently she is super famous by now. she is from az. (sister caffall knows her) and she is just really cool. i hope you go watch her video cuz i think you would like it.

in other news, have i ever mentioned carolina? yes. we walked to her house in the sow to help her paint. well. now her 15 year old daughter, oscany, and 3 younger kids (6-9 or something) are all taking the lessons. oh this makes us so happy. this last weekend carolina said they could only come to church if they didnt go to new jersey that weekend, and they are going to nj unless kaysha (the little girl) was still sick.

well. they didnt go to new jersey :) they came to the ward party on friday night. kaysha was there running around the whole time :) they also came to church on sunday!! i dont think kaysha was sick at all :) i think they just used her "being sick" as an excuse to not go to nj so that they could go to the party and to church. they all had so much fun :) oscany loves young womens so much. she is such a beautiful girl. she has so many great questions. she listens so intently. oh its so great to see.

during the party oscany was talking to me and she told me "my mom loves you and sister caffall. she always talks about you- 'oh my friends are coming over! my friends my friends!' she used to always be sad all the time. but now that you come over she is not so sad and she keeps getting happier. she told me that she is praying to god more and that she feels better" aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! i just about melted! this is what it is all about! man! that made me so happy :) that family is so great. at the party, carolina made so many friends, even set up a family home evening with another family! and this without any help from us!

we are teaching an 18 year old girl named becca and her mom named robin. oh they are cute. they remind me of hollie galbraith. i love going to see them. this last week becca told us that she had a question that she has never found an answer to, and that she was afraid to ask us. after a little suspense, she basically asked us - 'if christ suffered for everyone's sins, does that mean everyone is saved and goes to heaven no matter what they do in life?' man :) this made me so happy

i was so excited to use the bom to answer a question of the soul. just as we were about to, 3 of her friends came in the door! we got to know them a little and then we answered the question. becca was very happy with the answer :) i hope we explained it clearly. that girl is so great and so sweet. she made me and s caffall bracelets this week! man she is cute!

well, gotta blast!

i love you all and i thank you for the love :)
until next week!

love, sister lani buxton :):):):):):)

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